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  1. Could you try a micro-service as an intermediate step? That's what several of my clients do. From FMP, you send your email details to the micro-service and let the micro-service handle the email. Thus, you offload the email from FMP and also give yourself a free way other apps can use an email service also.
  2. Thanks a million, John. I guess I just need to create a new record and go from there. Appreciate your reply and helpful screenshots. - M
  3. I've read through the SM documentation, but appear to be missing how to create a new Java function in ScriptMaster. When I click the small "add" link in the ScriptMaster demo file (in the "ScriptMaster Modules" section), it wants to load a JAR or ZIP file. I was thinking instead "add" would open a code window and type in some Java. So, how do you get new Java code into ScriptMaster? In my custom FileMaker application, I would load external JAR classes using SMLoadJar from (in my case) SPSS that that Java code I have in the ScriptMaster demo file would work with. Trying to s
  4. Is it possible to have ScriptMaster send commands to SPSS and receive data back from SPSS? For Java, IBM requires that the SPSS plugin JAR file must remain in the SPSS installation folder. With a regular Java application, this requirement/limitation works OK, but not for a web service (which is our goal). Wondering if anyone has gotten two-way communication with SPSS to work within a FMP application. Thanks in advance,
  5. On the 360 works site, I saw this text from 2008: A third approach is through Java plugins. 360Works has created a C++ framework, using JNI (Java Native Interface), which allows FileMaker plugins to be written using Java. This is the ideal way to tap into Java's full power and scalability from FileMaker Pro, because it lets you as the programmer make direct calls to Java code straight from the FileMaker calculation engine. ----- Is there a way to write FileMaker Plug-ins directly in Java? I've not seen this. If so, how much does this cost (one time, recurring)? Th
  6. Christian, I replied in the FM Community forum, but wanted to thank you again here. I was able to get the FileExists() function working fine. Thanks again. - m
  7. Maybe my rusty German is even rustier than I thought. I thought this would be more or less like Java, but yuck, so complicated. Well, I'm just not used to C++, but in Java, this would basically be: File test = new File("pathtofile"); if (test.exists()).... // SO EASY! .... Thanks Christian, - m
  8. I'm trying to write a simple FileExists() function, but I'll be darned if I can't find any documentation (hours of playing with this not fruitful) on how to take the dataVect object passed (the parameter from FileMaker) and pass that (a file name path) to the 'fopen" block of unfinished code below. C++ is not my normal language so the syntax and XCODE errors aren't helping. Not sure why this is difficult (OK, probably only for me). I'll get a file path in the dataVect and I just want to see if that path exists. (Magic apparently needed.) Would appreciate any suggestions. This is easy
  9. OK, thanks. I'll look at this in a bit. Appreciate all the great replies. -m
  10. It would be nice to see a quick example of how to use this. Do you know of any or have one or two ("Hello World"), you could share? Not sure what format the Java code needs to be in. Just a class? An executable Jar, what? Thanks.
  11. Unfortunately, there are no actual Java examples that I can see from this "documentation". It sounds like, from reading the documentation, that you have to create some code and send it to 360 works. Then, they send you back a jar. This whole process is too convoluted as I currently understand it. Perhaps there's a video demonstrating Java techniques using the 360 works Script-master advanced plugin? I haven't found it. If I can't just create a Java class (OK, maybe a Java jar _I_ create) and then easily execute it without a code round-trip to 360works, it's not worth the h
  12. Hello, I'm preparing to create a beginning plug-in using the FM Plug-in API and related. However, I understand, as an attractive alternative to Java devs, you offer a Java type library where I could write arbitrary Java code, not necessarily related to your own plug-ins, and then create a FM plugin directly from that. Is that correct? Since the "price" is always a consideration, it would be useful to know how much your Java --> FileMaker library costs both up front and on going (that is, yearly). And, any documentation you could send me a link to would be appreciate
  13. Regarding the ScriptMaster Video above, I had tried to view it, but apparently some "subscription" ($) is requried? Appreciate all your great replies.
  14. Method 2 (open file, close file) and including ScriptMaster.fmp12 with the solution is so slow on the server it isn't even worth considering. The delay time for ScriptMaster to load and go through all the records is about 30 seconds. Really ugly. Although I'm impressed with ScriptMaster at a basic level, I think we're going to head a different direction and use JDBC externally so we aren't in this bind or have to pay $95/yr. If there were extensive programming documentation (a "how to" manual, tutorials, etc.) programming ScriptMaster scripts, we might consider it in the future. The
  15. Ok, by "start up script" you mean File...File Options...Script Triggers ....OnWindowFirstOpen, right? If I create a $Register variable in a script called Register and paste it with what's below the script still does not run unless ScriptMaster is open separately. (I associated the OnWindowFirstOpen with that script.) I also have the ScriptMaster file running on the server, but it still seems to be necessary to have it open ... locally. I'm also confused what is meant by needing to distribute the ScriptMaster.fmp12 file "with" the solution. Does that mean have it running on the s
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