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  1. Right, so to recap: I have a Table, 'Products' with a field 'Job Number' and 'Product ID'. Product ID is unique. Each Product ID is an individual number. I have another table, called 'Errors'. This only has one field, 'Product ID' and is also unique. I have linked Errors::ProductID = Products::ProductID
  2. OK, thanks. I do not currently have a relationship between the two, so i'll put that in. While I'm omitting the records from the 'found set' i need to delete them from the entire database. Does this script you've written show me the 65? Can it show me the 247 so i can 'Delete Found Set'?
  3. Hi Board! I have two tables, one that I have produced a found set from, which has 312 records. This is 'Table 1' I have another table ('Table 2') that just contains one field, which is also a field in Table 1. It has 65 records. I want to delete, from Table 1, any record that ISN'T in Table 2. That would leave me with 65 records in Table 1, having deleted 247. What's the process? I've got as far as having the 312 in a found set, and a table with 65 records, some of which match those in 312, but no relationships or anything like that. Thanks for your help and information! Thank you, FMH!
  4. Hello Board, Again, thank you for all your help recently. I've learned a lot about Looping, Counting and Variables and have really put them to work several times over. We use a database here with a field that contains a barcode number. It's 10 digits long. Last night, i changed the field over from 'Number' to 'Text'; because we're about to start scanning alphanumeric codes into that field. It went OK and you can now input those alphanumeric codes into the field. However, when i use our barcode reader to scan into that field, it puts a carriage return at the end of the number. This wasn't happening before. Anyone know why? This can't be the way with all fields? Or is it text fields? It's completely messed up the system, because the operator can't simply scan in barcode numbers. The field is: Text Indexed Unique Maximum (10 Characters) Message (Warning/Error!)
  5. Hi! I've managed to get this whole thing working with all your help. Thank you very much. Harry
  6. I sort of understand this, but looking at this: Loop Set Variable [ $count ; $count + 1 ] Exit Loop If [ $count >= gInput ] Duplicate Record End Loop I see that the first time it runs through the loop, it's adding 1 to 0, isn't it? To make the first 'count' a 1. So, this script is resetting the Variable $Count every time it runs through the script? Do i have that right? Cheers.
  7. I think i understand this a bit more. I think i confused Count with $count. Loop Set Variable [ $count ; $count + 1 ] Exit Loop If [ $count >= gInput ] Duplicate Record End Loop //So, you're setting a Variable called $count as + 1 and the way it works is that it 'just works'. That part of the script just becomes a little counter for the loop script and is then referenced to the global variable that was set from the global field that was entered into the dialog box!? I think i have it.... I'm going to bed, but i'll try this tomorrow morning. Thank you!
  8. Hi, thanks. OK, i appreciate what you're saying. Its a bit difficult for me to talk to you about it because my understanding of it is quite low. Well, our JobNumbers are 5 digits long. So what i'd like is when 5 digits have been entered, it automatically goes to the next correct field. Right now, though, that's not required and there is a step of user interaction to move to the right field. I have set the script to run OnFieldExit. And that part works. Let me explain a bit more about the 'ID Grabbing'. We have a pool of labels with sequential numbers on them. They are delivered from a manufacturer. We attach them to products/boxes. At the end of the process, the number is entered into this FM Database and other details are attached to it's record. Such as what the date is and what the JobNumber is etc. etc. Not all of the labels that are delivered get used. they are cheap and expendable 10 digit labels and we have continual supply. Some products/boxes don't have these labels, but i'd like them to be put into the same table, to include all the checked products under one roof. To that end, i've mimicked the pool of delivered labels by producing a table of alpha-numeric numbers that can be drawn from. Once one is used, it is destroyed from the pool, so it cannot be used again, just like the delivered labels. So, rather than the operator punch/scan in the label number, i'd like my db to recognise if the product should have a label (which i've done) and if it doesn't, to ask the operator how many to 'punch/scan' and then go to that alphanumeric table, get a number, put it into the other table as if it was a scan, and then print a label, then repeat until it has reached the correct amount. I have pared down your example so as not to confuse myself and to try and get the core part working. So, I have: IF [Products::ProductField = "No"] Show Custom Dialog ["Enter", "How Many?"; Products::gQuantity] Set Variable [$$gQuantity; Value:Products::gQuantity] //So, this part works, i think. I am not sure if the variable bit works. But by my understanding, when the dialog box comes up and I entered '25', then hit return, this Script set the global variable $$gQuantity as '25'. //The 'Grab a number' part goes a bit like this (to paraphrase): Goto Layout 'Alphanumber' Goto Record 'First' Goto Field '1' Select All Copy Delete Record 'no dialog' Goto Layout 'Label Maker' Goto Field 'Label Number' Select All Paste //Then it does a Print Record script, that goes to a label printing layout, prints it, then returns for the next record entry. //This part works. What I don't understand in your description of the Looping part: Loop Set Variable [ $count ; $count + 1 ] Exit Loop If [ $count >= gInput ] Duplicate Record End Loop //How does this count variable work? //Exit Loop If means that if the Variable 'Count' is greater than or equal to the gInput Variable that was set in the dialog box, then it exits? I've got that bit. But the Setting of it, i don't understand. //You're setting the Local Variable 'Count' to equal itself plus 1? How does that work? Can you explain it to me differently or point me in the direction of some good how to's on the Count function? I don't have much experience in it. I do genuinly appreciate your help and patience with my lack of understanding on this subject. I can see that what i'm doing is quite complicated and I don't want you to think that i'm just coming in here to ask you guys only. I'm doing a lot of reading, and i've solved a lot of problems other than the ones i'm asking you for help with. I've read a lot of your posts and they've all helped, so double thanks. Cheers!
  9. Forgive me, but I don't understand how to make this script run. What is the trigger for it? When a number is inputted into the JobNumber field? Or when you exit out of it? Thanks, Harry
  10. OK, well, i haven't used Server so don't know the difference really. I suppose my questions was about whether Scheduled Time services were only available on Server, as opposed to the 'Client' version. Like the restriction on concurrent connections with Client 'vs' Server.
  11. Thank you LaRetta. That will take me a bit to go through and fully understand, but I will come back and let you know how I get on. Thank you again, it's really appreciated. I have spent a long time looking through all my FM books, but it's hard to know which tool to pick up to do a job when you're not sure how many tools are available and what they all do. Learning curves! I will also try and detail the bit you didn't get. My explanation was vague because it is a bit different but also unimportant to my query. Cheers!
  12. That's really concise and has answered my questions, thank you so much! It's really clear to me how it works, so I'll start by implementing that. Thank you again, Comment.
  13. That's great, thank you. I haven't tried it yet, but i can see how it works and it's not very complicated so cheers. Will Filemaker Server do this sort of thing without iCal being involved?
  14. Hello Board, Thank you for all your help so far. Even if you've not replied to one of my recent threads, i've read a lot of the posts here and gained some good understanding of what I'm doing. More importantly, i've built parts of a database that are working and helping people do their jobs. I still need some help. I need to build a script that will automatically create new records in a database. So, an operator inputs a JobNumber. This looks up data from the ProductTable. If the Product listed on the JobNumber has a field value (in a paticular field) of YES, then i need the operator to be prompted to enter a number (say 25). A script then goes to another table, grabs an ID number, inputs it into the ID number field, then goes to a New Record. I have that last part of the script worked out and it is working for one instance. What I don't understand is how i can make a field appear if that field is a YES value, then take that value and run the script that many times. Can someone outline what i should be looking at? 1. Can I make a field appear and disappear on a layout based on the status of a field? If so, i could use that field as a space to enter in the number of records to be made. I do not need to retain that number, as the scripting will create the records that i do need. 2. Can I make a dialog box appear and then pause until the operator has entered a number and hit return? Then i could set that input as a Variable and use that variable as a repetition number in the script. Is that the best way to make this work? Thank you again everyone! Harry
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