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  1. Hi,  I am using Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced and when I put a custom URL in Webviewer, the pages don't load. The little "time" bar at the bottom of the page advances very slowly and then gets stuck.  Here's an example of a URL I want to load: http://www.Omron247.com  Here's what I have in the Webview box:  "LinkedIn Database MASTER 2015::url"  The problem occurs whether I have " " marks around "LinkedIn Database MASTER 2015::url" or not.  Not sure what the problem could be. I've used many times in earlier versions of FMPRO and never had this problem.  Thanks, Â
  2. Hi, Would like to use a custom google search engine, such as: https://www.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=000620537607643025006:pi1r2a4z-2e in Filemaker. Can't get a field/search term to show up in the search engine./webviewer. Thx. David
  3. Not sure where this post should go. When I click on links inside FMPro I'm taken to or they open in Internet Explorer. I'd like set it so the links open in Chrome or Firefox. Did a bunch of Google searches for this info but couldn't find it! Thanks, David
  4. Hi, I have 12,000,000 (12 million) books in an FMPro Database including book images and descriptions. I want to put this database up on the web and allow visitors to search through it, pick out books, put them in a cart and buy them with Paypal. With this many books and images it has to be "fast" enough so we don't lose visitors who have to wait too long for their search to complete. Not sure how to get this accomplished with FMPro. I've tried some open source stores but can't believe there isn't a simple setup to do it mostly in FMPro. Looking for cheap, turn key solution.
  5. Hi, I've been using this: Case ( BRBW Comm < 15 ; 15; BRBW Comm > 75 ; 75; /* Else */ BRBW Comm ) But I want to change it to this: If price is $0 to $15 commission is $5 $15-$30, $7.50 $30-$50, $10 etc. and then when I get to $250 I want it to be a percent and not a fixed $ value: $250-$500, 15% $500-$1000, 20% >$1000, 25% Not sure how to up these ranges. Thanks for your help! David
  6. Hi, I have to write articles that are 350 words in length. My "default" word counter is MS Word so I have to copy and paste what I'm writing into Word to get the current word count. Does FMPro have a word count feature? How do I set it up? Want to say I've had lots of help on this forum and want to thank you ahead of time! David
  7. Hi, I'm getting some output from a vendor called Fillz and it's coming to me in text form as follows. I'm running a pricing script on their server. (Note: I have put a return between record sets though there isn't one in the real output. There are 7 "records". The first number is the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) I want to see the info as follows (in FMPRO) I just don't know how to separate it out. SKU: Base Price: Condition: Floor: Sales Rank: Total Offers: Lowest Six Offers ( If I can separate out each of the lowest six offers into separate fields ie: (Lowest Six Offers P
  8. Hi, I have an odd problem. I've imported about 1.1 million images into filemaker pro. I've got the main image on the left and the thumbnail image on the right and they are in container fields. Here's what it looks like: http://screencast.com/t/nZ2CWMK749H As you can see there are two examples of the "damaged file" showing up as "blank white boxes" rather than as images of a book cover. Actually when I right click on a "good" image in the container I can "export" it. When I right click on the "damaged" file, I don't get the "export" choice, so perhaps this means there is
  9. Hi, I've got a bunch of ISBN 13 values in a field like the following: 9780000013712.jpg I want to remove the ".jpg" so I have just the ISBN 13 value. Don't know how to do this. Thanks! David
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