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  1. Opps! forgot to attach file samcim.fmp12.zip
  2. Are there any practical options, that anyone could suggest, that I can explore that will help me solve my conundrum? i.e A way of displaying the actual records from the related tables that show the values matching my search criteria from a "find layout". If not, and the only (or best) way is to have a single table of all test results what would be my best options to create this table. Create a new FM table that would populate itself from the existing tables in FM, or create from my starting material (Excel worksheets)? Any advice appreciated, I've attached my basic test FM file that ma
  3. That makes it a little clearer. I'll ponder how to ask the Italians for more information!
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply comment. You're right of course, when the adding the portal the looked up value is there. You're also right in saying I'm still not with you, I don't understand the mechanics behind why it happens, I'm just not "getting it". I'm probably too focused on my vision of how I expect the found set to be displayed and don't have the understanding to make it happen. A single table might be the only answer, but I was was under the impression that would be considered "bad practice". I'd happily upload my test file if you were able to offer any pointers or opi
  5. Is there a solution to this problem or is it a quirk of FM?This is happening with just a single field search, eventually I'd like to be able to perform searches based on a number of related fields. In my scenario when 36 records are returned from my find layout only 14 have the actual value I wanted. On the layout based on the table where the value is held all 36 show the value.
  6. I think I've got something fundamentally wrong. I've not set up any portals in this test layout, just a field from each of the related tables. When I search just one field on this layout the found set indicates that 36 records have been found, but when clicking through them the selected value is not present in all of them. When performing the same search on the default layout for the table the value is found I get 36 records all with the selected value present in the found set. Could it be that I've set up the primary and foreign keys incorrectly?
  7. I must be completely missing something here! I've set up a test layout under the samples table and put a couple of fields from the related test results tables, along with value lists based on the records field values. On entering find mode, selecting a value and performing the find I'm not getting the correct found set. The pie chart seems to indicate the correct number of found records but when clicking through them they are not the correct set. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?
  8. Thank you for your reply comment, I'll play about with a "find" layout. Because there is potentially a large number of fields to place on this layout, are there tips for tidying them up, tabs or drop downs maybe?
  9. Generally the tests are very different, there may be scope to combine some into one table but probably not all. I could try to combine everything into one table if it offered advantages or was the only way of achieving the goal though. If the all the tables were related though, say a participant ID, present on all tables could I create a "find" layout that had the fields from all the tables required to drill down into the data enter the search criteria and display the found set in a portal? I'm new to trying to develop FM in a serious way and not at all familiar with how to use SQL
  10. I need to create a database holding the results from various tests on scientific samples. The only data that is common to the test results is the sample they were carried out on so I have placed the results from each test into individual tables, in my test database I've set up these tables but now have a problem finding records. In order for the database to meet it's purpose I need to be able to identify particular subsets of samples from results across all the tables, For example I need to find any samples that have value x in a particular field of table 1, value y in a particular field of
  11. Thanks for the reply, I had a feeling that would be the answer but wanted to check there wasn't some sort of method of scripting an import. Looks like I'll have to find a way of automating the rearrangement of data in Excel!
  12. I have been using Excel to record the routine daily issue of items to different groups in a matrix layout, I use a different workbook for each month with worksheets for each group. Each item can have a different quantity issued on different days. The matrix takes the form of the item issued being the left hand column and the date issued the top row of the matrix, the quantity issued is recorded at the intersection. I'm hoping to be able to create a Filemaker solution but having difficulty importing the existing data in a useable format. Is it possible to import the quantity and date issued
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