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  1. This one might be a reach... I'm using external & open storage on our FM server for containers, and we store all kinds of file types in various containers. If a user needs to edit the file, they have to export the file , edit as needed, reimport, and delete any previous versions. Would it be possible to Export Field Contents to the file path location it's being stored, causing FM to "overwrite" the file, and then proceed to open it automatically? My thought is that once the user makes the necessary edits and goes to save the document, the file path would already be pointing to
  2. Hi Wim - You mind giving some more detail? How would I avoid every user seeing the same thing? I tried to duplicate all the records for each user but it creates a headache for all the joins. Thank you!
  3. Ah - got confused on the list part. Thanks for the tip on the portal! So if I use a list view, how would I give each user their own "view"? I'm thinking there needs to be some type of confirmation when they select an item (check box, color change, etc), but won't that confirm show up on everyone else's list as well?
  4. Thanks Wim - So you're thinking a portal with a pop-up or drop-down list? I just wish there was a way to organize the list better. Thinking about going with a form view, moving the list outside of the portal, having a separate list for each category, and then putting a quantity field and enter button next to each list - when enter is pressed, it adds the item to a portal that shows the current order. The list view option seems like it would be much faster to place an order, but I think it will be a headache on my end...
  5. Hi all - I can't seem to figure out a good option for this aside from a portal. I'm building an order fulfillment database for our outside sales team that they will use to order sample products, marketing material, etc. Ideally, I picture something like a list view that lists all of the products (~40-50) by category, and then a box for the quantity. They would scroll through the list, add their quantities, and hit "enter" to trigger a script. But how would I do this with multiple users accessing the same records? Would I duplicate all the product records and tag them to the user
  6. Thanks for the feedback - for some reason I didn't get a notification so I missed it. I'm actually accessing my work server so I'm not using "back to my mac". It looks like it is specific to one network that I use at a remote site, and it somehow carries over when I connect on other networks. If I don't connect on the "bad" network, then everything works fine. I'll start bugging their IT guy and see if he can figure it out.
  7. Hi all - My IT guys are not being very helpful, and I'm hoping someone might have an answer for me! We recently setup a FM Server that I am (or was) accessing remotely through VPN. I've been traveling for several days and all was working fine, but then my connection started dropping and eventually stopped connecting all-together, with an error that says the host or file is unavailable. I've tried three different networks as well as tethering through my phone - all with the same result. The VPN itself is connecting with no problems. It seems to be specific to my computer because
  8. Hi - Thanks for the welcome! I am unable to upload the database though…? I started stripping down the database to publish a non-confidential version, and it looks like I don't have a key problem (at least right now) with these particular portals. Here's what I did find - I have two portals looking at the same table, where there's a field that either says "Specification" or "Micros" based on another field. I'm filtering the portals with a calculation based on a value of "Specification" or "Micros". It's working fine to present existing data, but does not work for…aww shoot! I ju
  9. Howdy - new to FM and first post! When I import an Excel database into an existing join table, my portals do not work. I have found that everything works fine in two cases - 1. I manually replace all of the foreign key fields for each record, or 2. I delete all the imported records and manually enter each record. I've tried changing the cell format in Excel from text to number & visa versa, and all of my key fields are set as numbers in FM. Am I doing something wrong with the import? Is my data formatted wrong? Thanks!
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