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  1. Hi, I've created a database and am about to give access to it to individuals within my company for viewing. I want them to be able to update the records within it but I don't want them to be able to delete any records. Is there a way to allow them to edit the database but not delete? I think I read something about this when I was teaching myself how to use the program but can't remember where I read it.
  2. Thank you LaRetta, I made the changes you suggested and it is now doing what I want. I had to remove "Show all Records" as it was sending the email to all of my 1100 contacts. Once I took that out it worked perfectly. Thanks for pointing out that checkbox. Totally overlooked it. You saved me! Thanks again for making my life easier!
  3. I got it to work without making any changes to my script. I was performing a find and trying to send to only my found set. Once I changed to "multiple emails (one for each found set)" it did what I wanted it to do. I'm going to make a copy make the changes you suggested and see if I still get the same result or do you think I should leave it alone since it is working?
  4. Hi LaRetta, Thanks for the advice on backing up. With the crazy auto saving in FM I usually make a copy of my database every morning with a new date at the end in-case I screw something up. Do you have any advice on my looping problem? Candice
  5. Thank you everyone for your help. I'm still not quite getting the result I want. Now I can get it to only send to one person but it is only sending one email. Not to everyone in my found set. I'm sure I did something wrong in my loop command as this is the first script I've ever written in FM. I could not find a command that said "Got to Record/Reques tNext, Exit after last". Here is what I did: Set Error Capture [ On ] Freeze Window Go to Layout [ “Ceratech Materials Letter” (Concrete Contractors) ] Insert Text [ ] [ Select ] Set Field [ ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]
  6. Lee and Beverly, thank you so much for your advice. Here is a copy of my script: Send Ceratech Letter by Email Set Error Capture [ On ] Freeze Window Go to Layout [ “Ceratech Materials Letter” (Concrete Contractors) ] Insert Text [ ] [ Select ] Set Field [ ] Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client; To: Concrete Contractors::Work Email (collect addresses); Subject: "CERATECH Materials"; Message: "Dear " & Concrete Contractors::First& ":¶¶" &"I understand you are involved with the "& Concrete Contractors::Project Name &" project. We would like to introduce our t
  7. I added loop to my script and it went crazy! Kept producing an email with all the recipients in one email over and over again. Had to force quit FM. Couldn't even force quit Mail. It kept launching the program over and over again. Crazy!
  8. Never used the Loop feature. I'll see if I can figure it out. Not even sure where that is but hopefully it is easy to find. Thank you do I add this loop script to my original script with my calculation of my letter?
  9. Hello Lee, can you help with my problem?
  10. I had to change every single layout in my database to classic then design the layout manually. I was very disappointed to learn only after hours of work that the themed layouts do not work with IWP. I hope this gets resolved with an upgrade.
  11. I can get it to send the email to everyone in the "Email" category but is there a way to get to send to each person individually? I don't want to send the email addressed to 100s of people at a time.
  12. Okay, so now I have the letter as the body of my email but I can't get the contacts to automatically send to each specific email. I need to put this somewhere in my script right?
  13. Thank you so much. Going to take me awhile to get it right but this is the best way for me to learn.
  14. Thank you. So I was on the right track. Just seemed like a difficult way to do it. I got some of it to work. Here is what I wrote so far: "Dear " & Concrete Contractors::First & ¶ & "I understand you are involved with the " & Concrete Contractors::Project Name & "project. We would like to introduce our technology to you which provides 2x-4x the durability of typical Portland cement concrete at virtually the same cost. Additionally, if you have any secondary containment applications, we have materials that are extremely resistant to most chemicals without the need
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