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  1. Overlapped indeed! I appreciate you taking the time to answer nonetheless! Thanks!
  2. I figured it out. Here is the code that gets the job done. JSONSetElement ( $$json ; ["tracking_numbers[0]" ; "4324234" ; JSONString]; ["tracking_numbers[1]" ; "2342342" ; JSONString] )
  3. Hi Everyone, I've got a JSON issue that I've been struggling to figure out. Here is a sample output of what I'm trying to do: { "fulfillment": { "location_id": 905684977, "tracking_numbers": [ "a4e6e7ca452c7873c2ef10234d042352", "81669206ee8e6164da5ac190af93e6ca", "3def69908a9530b5c46b282a988cf914" ], "line_items": [ { "id": 466157049 }, { "id": 518995019 }, { "id": 703073504 } ] } } It's the "tracking_numbers" that is throwing me off. I can build normal arrays like "line_items"
  4. Ok - Base Elements was pretty simple to figure out and I was able to script a good deal of what I require in a short amount of time . I'm still curious if anyone has been able to integrate SFTP with FM 16's CURL functions.
  5. The MBS plug-in is fantastic however, it's going to be a tough sell to my client. They are a small operation and they only require a server side SFTP routine, so $600 will be difficult to justify. I'll run it by them and check to see if that's in their budget. Does anyone know if SFTP functionality is possible with the native FM16 cURL functions? Thanks!
  6. I need to connect FM16 to a SFTP server (download, read, delete). Does anyone have a working example that I could take a look at? Alternatively, I would love to see an example using Base Elements cURL functionality. I've got a script that does what I need it to, using FTP but SFTP is giving me trouble. Thanks in advance!
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