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  1. Currently I'm working to create a script that will help me navigate from my default page to other layouts with certain conditions. So I've created a field where I calculated the number of records sorted by a category (type) My goal here is to have a script with the following conditions: - If only one stamp is found, show in detail view - If more than one stamp is found, show in list view - If there are no stamps for that type, alert the user and stay on Dashboard layout so currently i have something along the lines of : the screen shot attached. Suggestions
  2. Hi, it eventually worked for me! I think the problem was that I had an unrelated table... this is probably my fault for complicating things too much. But anyways, thanks a lot! Appreciate it.
  3. The relationships are just there for my note, since this is my first database that I'm building from scratch. A lot of the things are tests and trial. Which ones do you have question about? I'm still coming off as a blank I'd have attached ac ouple more screen shot for you to get a better idea of where I'm getting at. The first one is the detail of the stamps. Bottom right of it is where the Type is indicated per stamp (under _kf_Type) The second one is a snapshot of of my home table, where it might be confusing to you. I needed to create a two calculation fields for the TOTAL
  4. I'm still struggling to get it to work. I'll show you a screen shot of what I'm talking about. In my example, its slightly different in the category (I just use a sport analogy cause It's easier to understand I guess?) Just replace: Category with Type Team with Stamps and Home still = Home I've posted my relationship, layout, and fields that I feel applies to my question. look at the second screen shot, and see how my bottom left portal displays the type name but not the number of stamps in each type? in other words, it should reflect the Chart's number in correspo
  5. It's one team for one category. So my relationship goes something like this: Home_Team_Sports and each team is assigned a certain sport. what i'm doing is creating a function where i count the number of teams per sport and having that number displayed. I'm not so sure if I should use a calculation or summary field here, or if i ned a script. I used a summary calc field and got the portal to display the category (in this case it's 11) but on the side of the category, instead of displaying idfferet numbers it shows 11 for all; so it's counting up all the categories instead of
  6. Hello, I have a question on how to create a field with the calculation (or any other suggestions) that would display a field in my database that shows a list where i'll have the number of items per category. In other words, let's say I have 3 different tables. table 1: default home page table 2: lists of sports table 3: sports team in my default home page, i have a portal shows the sports team on left column and the lists of sports the team is apart of. now what I want to do is instead of showing the sports team on the left column, i want a field that counts the
  7. hey guys, I'm trying to create a homepage that display a chart of my records. for example let's say i got a record full of basketball cards. basketball cards have their own entire different table with the fields basketball cards name, year, price, etc. and then i have another table that lists the basketball cards according to their team. in other words, it's a table that has perhaps, a list of entire team and an ID for each team. what i did was i have a relationship BasketballCards to BasketballCards_Teams If I want to create a chart in my home page which has a designated table
  8. Hello FMFileMaker, So here's my dilemma: I imported the data into my database. The following database has a STAMP Table with a list of stamps with primary keys. Each stamp in addition is given a FOREIGN key. This FOREIGN key is labeld as a _kf_Type (as in, the type that the stamp is categorized by ie: Type 1A, blue.. Type 2A red, etc...) In my TYPE Table, I manually entered the Type according to the Primiary Key. IE: _kp_TypeID is 1000 Type name is Type A1, Brown _kf_StampID is 1 Now what I want to do is some how show on he detail layout of each stam
  9. Hello FMForums, I have a question in regards to creating a layout that lists a series of type. Let's say, there's a Table for a Type and there's another table for Stamps. In relation between the two tables, one Stamp is labeled as a certain Type. Is it possible to create a layout having the Type as the main table and then what happens is, I will have a Type, followed by a list of stamps that has been designated/labeled as that Type? (For example: Similar to a sub-summary or would using sub-summary be the best option? Thanks, scchoi
  10. Thank you! Sorry, I was trying it on FileMaker Go... and I got thrown off for the day. Plus I'm fighting an extremely bad cold. Maybe I should take some time to rest...
  11. Sorry, but I wasn't thinking straight. Obvious answer to something that was basic/fundamental. Please delete post!
  12. Hi Bcooney, I've tried that but my field is not producing any answers. Perhaps my relationship is wrong? Can you critique my relationship. I posted a screen shot of the relationship below. I'm displaying data from Home::Count_Stamps and the calculation field is Count ( HOM_Stamp::__kp_StampID ) Best regards, scchoi
  13. Edit: Sorry but I realized this might be more fitting underneath the functions section of the forum... my apologizes. Hello FM Forum, Long story short, I'm fairly new to FileMaker and I'm trying to create a database from scratch. At the moment, I have 5 tables. Stamp, Album, Type, Collection, and Home. For my layouts, I have a Stamp_List, Stamp_Detail that are based off of Stamp table, Album_List that is based off of Album table, Type_List based off of Type table, and Default_Home (which is basically an utility layout that is based off Home table and has no fields at the moment)
  14. I removed the "#!/bin/sh" should that not of made a difference for Windows? The settings were all correct, I checked time and time again that the privileges were given full the custom access. Using iRepair, I gave the Owner, Group, and Others full access with "Exec." in addition to setting it 777 under fmserver / fmsadmin.
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