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  1. I changed a field from a plain number field to a calculation field so I could automatically enter some data. Disaster immediately struck upon hitting the OK button and all of my data was wiped out. I have an excel file with the raw numbers in it, but when i try to import the data, it won't let me enter it into the new calculation field. If I change it back to a number field, I can then reimport the data, but then can't change the field back to a calc field with losing the data all over again. How do I get around this? Here's some details: I'm entering emissions data for engines. Whe
  2. Thanks, comment: I worked up a script that does the renumbering and it seems to work well.
  3. The purpose is twofold: 1. People packing will be assigned to fill a particular container. They'll grab an item and place it into a marked spot (i.e. 1-7 or 2-73) in the container. 2. When unpacking by likely different people, this will allow people to quickly locate an item (I need a 500 ml beaker - it should be in box 1, spot 1). Also, if they see a random item laying around, they can return it to the proper container. Unfortunately, dynamic numbering won't work. It just seemed like it would be easier to know that a certain piece came from a certain place instead of wonde
  4. This should be easy, but my brain just won't cooperate! I'm moving a bunch of stuff and want to inventory what is in each moving container. I have a very simple parent-child relationship with the parent record having the container number and category of parts/equipment/supplies and the child records describe each piece of equipment in the container. I have a portal with the child records showing for each container, but want to put anatto-entered item number for each piece that has the container number followed by a dash and then followed by a serialized number for each item in that part
  5. Yeah, I sorta missed the "generate a record" part of your first response I got the script to work and my database is up and running thanks to your guidance - thanks so much and have a great afternoon!
  6. Rats! Phooey! I'm still stuck - I can't get the emissions join table to populate. I split the emission factor data into individual records, I've verified that I have the box checked to allow creation of records in the Emissions table and I've tried using a portal from the Engine table to display the emissions, but still nothing. I maybe shouldn't be pulling the data for the Engine bhp and Tier from the Engine table or the CAS and Pollutant Names from the Emissions Factor table (for the Emissions table), but I don't know how else to do that (I also tried to do automatic lookups for those fie
  7. That actually makes sense to me - who'd have thunk it?! Thanks again, Comment - your willingness to help us neophytes is a true blessing!
  8. Comment: Thank you so much for the help on this! And, of course, you're a step ahead of me already - I am currently only collecting data for 2016, but I anticipate that it will turn into an annual event and I will need to modify my database to include multiple reporting years. Any helpful hints on how to tweak the solution to handle that? Thanks again, Guy
  9. I am trying to set up a database to calculate and report exhaust emissions from diesel engines and am stumped at Step #1: The infamous Entity Relationship Diagram! I am looking at a few thousand engines and need to calculate how much of what kind of pollutants they kick out into the air. I have spreadsheets that list the Year of Manufacture, the horsepower, the serial number, how long the engine ran during a given year and how much fuel it consumed during that year. I also have some spreadsheets that list what the Emission Factors, usually expressed in pounds per hour operated or pound
  10. Thanks for your time and patience on this, webko, but I think I'm even more confused now: I thought the whole purpose of sliding left was to strip away the extra blank space in the leftmost block to allow for differing lengths of text, such as names. Is there a better way to merge the fields together to avoid this 'gap-osis'? Thanks again!
  11. Lee and webko: Thanks so much for your feedback. The revised calc makes my solution a LOT more robust and will prove useful in making some of my earlier attempts work much better! webko: I'm still a bit confused about "...The problem was that the second text black had a fixed left point, leading to the extra space..." Where do I find the fixed left point setting? I've gone through every panel in the inspector, but can't find anything different between the two strings: The text attributes are the same, there is no padding in either, and all indents are set to zero. Can I please bug
  12. I've read through the previous posts on things not sliding left properly and I've tried all of the known fixes, and I'm still stumped. Here's my problem: I'm trying to get a mailing label layout to display a comma and then any suffix that may follow a person's name (such as Ph.D, PE, MSCE, etc.), but if there is no suffix, then I do not want the comma to display. Should be a piece of cake, right?! Ummm...Nope! I have fields for prefix (Dr., Ms., Mr., etc.), first name, last name, and suffix. I first added a calculation field to combine the prefix, first name, and last name: = Pr
  13. Thanks to the both of you - That answered my concerns about the DDR not showing all of the script calls possible and I also now know how to test for OMG's. As always, your time and assistance are greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Guy
  14. Is it always safe to delete a script when the DDR lists no Layouts that use the script and no other Scripts that call the script? I'm trying to clean up my file without shooting myself in the foot: I can't think of why I would ever need such a script, but don't want to find out the hard way that I could still need them. Thanks in advance, Guy
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