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  1. I have no idea whats is the problem there, I ve been trying several times to provide examples in my discussions, no result
  2. I have a table, There is a primarykey InvoiceID, there is a secondaryprimarykey ProductID and there is a field TotalProduct. I want the sum(distinct field totalproduct) for a particular value of InvoiceID. Without the distinct function I arrive at multiple values in various rows of the portal readout - equivalent to simply Sum( field totalproduct) How do I get the Distinct effect in Filemaker?
  3. The problem there is this---I need a cell to calculate two values items out of storage subtracted from items in storage Ok I get the result sum value of all those products in two ways Either list of all values that has been subtracted in a portal, or total value in one cell outside of portal.. If I input a field that is a total value in a portal it produces the total in every cell line in that row(where I was showing items subtracted form product in warehouse) what is needed is each cell in that row to show different totals-do you understand each time we input all the values out o
  4. seems pretty complicated if i input values in in cellsthat represent quantity out of storage my user want' s to set date field when this transaction was due and also show in a new cell total of those products on that date and then next date, and next etc...
  5. is it possible to set field and related to the sales date, if( todays date) show result sum of related field? thank you
  6. It seems that last time i posted a topic I worked out the assignment , I ll try again, A column on my table is assigned values that represent products leaving the warehouse, a table has two sheets detail one and customs number sheet. I have a field on a Customs sheet should show a result totaling products leaving the warehouse. Instead of totaling the products on customs sheet i get the values for each column row that represent quantity out. what i want is separate total values in a field , each time a total is needed.
  7. Account Admin Password 123 I solved it in the meantime but if you want to play with the file please go ahead it was rather simple at the end LOL
  8. Here is the file Here is the file I was talking about E-Lager Clone Clone.fp7.zip
  9. I made a clone and i want to share it with you but in this reply I cant find the attach file action is there an email, adress that you can share so I can send it via mail, I lost all day playing with this file , and I amg etting streesed , with no solution what II wanted to say is at the begining I have product that are in the warehouse and then another field representing the products leaving the warehouse, which can happen again and again until all the products are out the amount in stock is a result of a calcualtion products in (they are always trhe same ones they are in thats it
  10. Hello I have a simple relationship between fields in a portal , line item unit Enter (number of items in a warehouse -enter which doesn't change its value once entered, line item unit out of storage Exit (number of items leaving the warehouse) and amount in stock field, which is a calculatuion. line items in minus line items out. The relationship I created using set field on the invoice page Set variable [$$Amount in stock,Value Line Items:Enter-Line Items : Exit] Set Fiedl[Line Items Amount in Stock:Value $$Amount in Stock] Comit records no dialog and Set variable [
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