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  1. hi guys, hi Lee, comment is right, admiring girls doesn't mean one wants to rape them. I'm a newbie so please bear with my terms. Anyway, purchasing a US2k software is out of my budget so I guess I'll just have to admire Comchart. Thanks all
  2. Hi LaRetta, You can find a copy of my file along wuth the screen shot you told me about. Regarding Inventory, I would like a portal to show the available frames in stock and to deduct the sold ones.
  3. Hello guys, I hope somebody help me with this because I can't seem to make this db right. This is a variation to the sample file I posted some days back in which I made and added navigation tabs to show the tests made to a patient per visit by clicking ti the tabs. Before making portals to each of the test, I would like to know if the relationship graph is in the right order. If you notice, patient visit table is left out above patient table. I really don't know how to resolve this problem. Please see attached files. Thanks again in advance. join db scrnsht.zip
  4. Thanks again Ste! Finally opened the file after doing a recovery. The thing is, when I add a new visit (on both portals), it does a find request.
  5. Hey guys, Any body here working on an EMR project like ComChart? I wish he/she is a member/s of this site because I really admire the project. Any idea guys how they make the navigational interface of this filemaker program? Thanks
  6. Hi LaRetta, "In truth, the screen is too cluttered and some information such as Hobbies should be moved to secondary tab" Please elaborate on this because what I'd really like is to make separate tabs out of the Patient info, Prior Rx, Case history, Medical history, etc. while creating unlimited visits on each patient. I tired to explore on your sample and tried emulating what you've done but still I can't finish my project. Thanks
  7. Hello Stye! I noticed that when I make a new visit record on your sample file, the previous visit is gone. Also , the portal color changes to like a negative film when clicked outside the field items.
  8. I have a few things in mind today. What if: - I use navigational tabs to go from table to table such as patient personal info, eye exams, chief complaints and so on. - I need to create a welcome screen before logging in or used as logging window. - hide the title bar and status bar of Filemaker. Are these things possible? If it is possible, what can I do to achieve them?
  9. A million thanks to you guys. More blessings coming your way....
  10. Thanks No_access, but why is the "new record" icon grayed out? How can I make a new record in your sample file?
  11. Thanks guys, I am grateful for your quick response folks. Here is my file. Sample File.zip
  12. hello everyone. I am a newbie and somehow managed to make a simple database for a clinic but I don't know how to create a new file for each patient visit. What I did was to create numbered tabs (20 tabs) representing the number of visits of the patient with date. You can just imagine the numbered tabs would run the entire length of my monitor if I make 50 tabs (please see attached file). My problem is that if a patient visits the clinic twice a year, the records will only be good for 25 years. I tried to search for an answer online but can't figure this out. I tried to check the table in the layout mode and I found out that I only have 1 table with over 2,000 fields. Please enlighten me. Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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