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  1. I would like to find out something important for my project... I have 100 records and 44 of those records contain in a field called "division" the number '4" 33 of those records contain in the devision field the number "3" So to find out the percentage of those answers it would be respectively 44% and 33% I would get that by a calculation dividing the number of listing of that number by 100 How do I get a count of all the records that contain in the field division the number "4" ? I am stuck. Thanks
  2. thank you for the good answer. It is appreciated I wasn't able to locate a <length_seconds> tag however. Any other way to get the time?
  3. I am trying to find a way to play through a bunch of youtube videos not on a playlist. That is why I am asking if there is a way for filemaker to determine the time of a given video. I really wish there was some way to play through videos from several filemaker webviewer records in succession. Like a playlist does within youtube. So if I had 10 filemaker records with a webviewer that displayed a youtube video in each record, i would like to find a way to finish playing each video in the order filemaker sorted those files at. Is this possible?
  4. Can Filemaker pull down the time of a youtube video through a webviewer? I would like to determine the time on a whole bunch of youtube videos.
  5. I am at a loss what to say. I mistakenly reposted from another friends computer who is also online without realizing I was in his account. So I have 2 posts and probably need to start over. I don't know how to do this except to apologize for my mistake. My first post was about trying to web scrape the title of youtube videos within the web viewer. But I don't even realize if it is possible to get the source code of a web page within the web viewer into filemaker automatically because I am not familiar enough to know what I am asking for. I just wanted to automate the extraction of the
  6. Hello I am sorry but I do not have a clue how to do this. I have a project where I have a lot of online youtube videos that I need to extract the url page and put it into a field called "URL" Also I need to extract the title under the video on the youtube page to a field called "title" I haven't any understanding on how to do this but i need to accomplish this ASAP. I would be most grateful for help to do this?
  7. While I am at it, does anyone know of any way to play the online translations audio in the webviewer? There are several translation sites that speak the translations but I was wondering if anyone has had those speak using filemaker on the fly. Thanks
  8. Me too, Great insights and this is a keeper for sure. Thanks all of you
  9. Hi I am looking to extract information from a web page when I try to get a translation of a word. I can get filemaker to open the web page but I just want to translation as in this example http://translate.reference.com/translate?query=misinformation&src=en&dst=de I want only "n. falsch Auskunft, falscher Bericht" I guess this is called web scraping or something close to that. I am trying to automate the extraction of that part that translated. Any help is so appreciated Thanks
  10. I just want to break down the big file into smaller ones without any order.
  11. Hello I have the need to mix up a large amount of records. I want them to be sorted so they are completely random. No order at all. Is there an easy way to do this? Thank you.
  12. Hello I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to automatically back up videos and pictures that are in a container field to an email account such as yahoo. I would like to do this with the go application and have a button that could email Photos and videos that are taken with the iPhone directly to their email account I'm just trying to see if anyone is ever done anything like this. Thanks in advance
  13. I would like to know more about getting the web viewer to parse the addresses if I can.
  14. Is there a way to activate by button not the asterisks?
  15. Hello I would like to see if there is anyway to have a text field scroll through a calculation in filemaker. Similar to a teleprompter. Thank you.
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