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  1. Thank you, that can be a possible alternative. Let's see if anyone else has a bright idea. I wish there was a way of doing this without having to click additional buttons, by just retaining the default drag and drop option openly on the layout. If there could be a way to trigger a dialog box, upon the user attempting to modify the field contents, and presenting the choice to either commit changes to the field or not it would be great. I'm not fully certain if there's a workaround to this yet seeing as the current drag and drop behavior is finicky regarding script triggers and ignor
  2. Actually, it DOES seem to work. But, only with the "OnObjectModify" script trigger set on the field. If you drag and drop a file into a container field, even without having clicked into the field, it will still trigger any script defined in the "OnObjectModify" script trigger. See my attached sample file. Container Field - OnObjectModify script trigger - drag and drop test.fmp12
  3. Hi, everyone. I need help creating a script to trigger when a Container field is modified, as in existing contents is replaced or deleted. I would like a custom dialog box to prompt the user if they really want to modify the Container field which has already been populated with content. If they select "OK", the changes are made, but if they select "Cancel", the changes are not made to the Container field. The reason this came up is because I want to prevents accidental delete or replace of a container field's contents via the "drag and drop" feature that FileMaker has. A user can e
  4. So in this particular case since there is only one button I don't really need to know which button was selected in order to continue with the rest of the script, right? I've seen cases where there are two buttons and the use of Get ( LastMessageChoice ) becomes apparent. For example, a "YES" and a "NO" button. If the user clicks "yes" some specific script steps need to be performed, if they click "no" instead a different set of script steps are performed. Since there is only one button in this case, and only one outcome, there is no need to use the Get ( LastMessageChoice ) step, corre
  5. Thanks Brooks, that worked like a charm! I also noticed that just placing a simple Halt Script step right after the second and final Go to Field step also managed to fix the issue, fully stopping the main script and preventing it from recurring indefinitely (interestingly, an "Exit Script" step on the other hand will not stop the loop). I guess it has something to do with entering a field, exiting that field, and then entering that same field again shortly after, which in return causes the script to get hung up. Thank you David, that sounds like a good option as well (since pop-up dia
  6. Hi, I had a simple question that had recently come up in my scripting. When writing a script that contains a Custom Dialog with just the default "OK" button and no other buttons, is it necessary to use a Get ( LastMessageChoice ) script step right after to properly close the dialog and perform the next action? Or is it okay to just write the rest of the script steps that follow, right after the Custom Dialog step, without getting the last message choice? Since there really is only one button choice presented to the user and not multiple outcomes. Thanks for any insight! Bellow is a
  7. Greetings, I have a global field that is acting as a search bar to perform a find with the data stored in it. I have set an OnObjectKeystroke script trigger to the field to activate a script if the user presses the enter key while inside the field. Since most users are used to hitting enter on their keyboards to perform a search and it's much quicker, I've adopted this method as opposed to a search button. I would like to prompt the user with a warning dialog if they press enter while inside the search field, but happen to leave the field empty. The custom dialog would tell them to ty
  8. Thanks! The example file works great. I noticed that a script trigger was also tied into it to have the calculation refresh. I wish there was a way of just doing this with a calculation alone. I find it rather strange how a calculation can determine if a field is empty instantly in real time, but determining the name of the active field requires more steps and scripts. Purpose of the calc I was playing with the idea of hiding a merge field dependent on certain conditions. The merge field is a calculation field. I have a large text field on a layout as well for taking notes. The text field
  9. For some reason the Get(ActiveFieldName) function is not working in any of the tests I've done. I click into a field, but the calculation field with the function in place never changes to reflect the name of the field that has the focus. It just remains blank. The FileMaker website says: Get(ActiveFieldName) Purpose Returns the name of the field that has the focus. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm sure it's something I'm overlooking. Alex Get (ActiveFieldName).fmp12.zip
  10. Hi, maybe someone can help me with this question. I have three tables set up: Instructor table Instructor PK field Name field Programs Taught table (join table) <----- for many-to-many relationship Instructor FK field (Instructor PK) Program FK field (Program PK) <----- pop-up menu Hire Date field Program table Program PK field Name field Record State field ("Active" or "Inactive") Layout and portal: I have a portal showing the related records from the Programs Taught table on a parent layout based on the Instructor table. The portal has a pop-up menu with a cond
  11. Yes, thank you for your reply. I also have a field that contains all the weekday names (in a return-delimited list, like checkboxes) that a class will occur on. The classes always follow the fixed pattern of weekdays that is set up in the return-delimited list mentioned above. Yes, that's why I also created a third related table containing Holidays/Cancellations as single records, with the dates they fall on. I'm thinking I would have to count all the relevant weekdays (the weekdays specified on the return-delimited list) from the Start date to the C
  12. Hi everyone! Glad to have found the forum, the tips here are amazing. So I was wondering if maybe one of you could help me tackle this conundrum. I've searched several forums but I can't find a clear enough explanation. I'm working on a database for a friend, based on school attendance. I have a Student table and an Attendance table. One Student can have many records in the Attendance table. So the relationship is a one to many from Student ---< Attendance. The two tables have the following fields: Student table Name Start date End date Attendance table Date
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