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  1. I've attached two files. The first one is INVOICE, that is generated by every establishment when you purchase, and is in xml format. The second one is XSLT file, that is provided by government fiscal institution and is used to "translate" xml. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: when I try to decode xml using attached xslt scheme on any online xml-converter website the output looks fine. BUT when importing to Filemaker, I receive an error: "XML parsing error: invalid document structure". I would appreciate any help with the issue. Thanks. XML input.xml XSLT scheme.xslt
  2. I came up with a solution. Please check it. I think there may be ways to improve it that I couldn't find. Or maybe it is the best one (= Portal sorting.fmp12
  3. Agnes, I think that enquirerfm wants to Copy the content to Clipboard to be able to Paste it later. Is that right, enquirerfm?
  4. Well, there is a script step called "Copy". You can create a button, that would perform the script. I hope it covers your needs.
  5. Via Layout View you can Set Script Trigger to the field where user types first letter, choose OnObjectKeystroke. And create a script with 2 steps: Commit Record and Refresh. Also I would recommend in field properties on Inspector Window choose the right tab (Data) and click on a check-box that says "Select entire contents on entry"
  6. I would recommend you to start with updating your Filemaker. New features will help you to find optimal and elegant solution.
  7. Make Field 2 of a Calculation Type with the next formula: If ( Field1 = "Pass" ; "Good" ; "Bad" )
  8. From the top of my head: Â You can draw them. Put image of blank checkbox over the image of check-ed one. Set a button on them, for example: set field "Passageway" - "Rough". And the last one use this field to hide the upper image, see attached file. Â Hope this works or at least helps you to find the path that'll suit you better. Â
  9. Pavlk

    Deselecting Fields

    Maybe try with GoTo object. For example you can have a button or whatever on your layout that has no visible signs when focus is on it.
  10. You can make it work by creating a related table and setting the relation. Then you'll have to make a summary field in that new related table and it will make all your job.
  11. Not much changed for repeating field since Relationship was introduced. I want to make an example here: non-Repeating field = Repeating field - if one of the repetitions contains non-Repeating field. All the more: non-Repeating field = Repeating field even if one of the repetitions has values delimited by "enter" and one of them contains non-Repeating field. Actually sometimes Repeating field helps a lot to avoid creating several fields of the same type. I.e. - list of telephone numbers, list of family members or team/crew members, or making schedules or calendars etc. The sol
  12. And do you have this relation in your Relationship Board KPI::KPI Date = Client::g_Selected_Date?
  13. You need a field (global field), where you would enter a number of first records which you'd like to assign to a user and another global field where you could choose a user GlobalUserField. And then make a script: ... ... #. Records found so loop them Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop Exit Loop If [ Get ( RecordNumber ) > GlobalNumberField ] Set field [ Main Data::Assigned_to ; GlobalUserField ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ] End loop
  14. I hope that is what you meant. Let me know if I got it wrong. HotDogs.fmp12.zip
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