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  1. Thank you for your reply. I finally got back to finishing my program and a self-join relationship was the solution I was looking for. It worked perfectly. I just duplicated the one table that has the fields I want to filter to the customer using the customer as the unique identifier. I know I could clean it up with a more specific table but mission accomplished. Thank you for your help!
  2. Thanks for the reply. My issue is both Customer and serial number reside on the same table. Serial numbers shown are the result of the records created. Can it be done with a value list?
  3. I have a Service forms database. Each form has a customer and machine serial number field with a value list for the serial number. Currently the value list shows the serial number as the specified field and it shows the serial number for all customers but I would like to know how to filter the pick list to show only the serial numbers relating to the customer on the current form. Can I do it using the pick list or do I need to create a portal?
  4. I have an expense report program where I import receipts (PDF) to container fields for each day of the week. Looking for a filemaker solution where I can collect the container fields (receipts) and create a single PDF file that contains the expense report plus attached receipts. The shortcomings of filemaker where I cannot append when using Export Field Contents, or create an email with multiple attachments has me doing things manually instead of a one button operation. Comments/Solutions appreciated.
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