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  1. I was just wondering if it was possible at all and the general direction to take. This gives me enough to go on to try and build it out. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you, that did the trick. But while I'm at it, is there a way to open a text file from FMP? I know that I can save the file in a container field, but can I somehow open a text file (and somehow specify what text editor to open the file with) via a script from a FMP file?
  3. I'm using FMP advanced 13.0v1 and I was wondering if there was a way to use a web viewer to display (and interact) with html files located on my computer rather than the web. I'm sort of new to some of this but it seems that when setting a custom web address that I'm unable to just set a path to an html file located in a folder on my computer. I've tried using this as a path (/Users/ComputerName/Desktop/folder/file.html) but the page just comes up blank. I'm sure this is a super basic question and I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Any ideas?
  4. I assume you mean the global field because of sql? yea, it's a global text field. Weird thing I came across is that for some reason when I "double push" the calc into the field, it works. Meaning, If I set a duplicate set field or sql update step after the initial step, it works.
  5. I'm at a loss here. The big picture is that I'm trying to filter a portal by way of a calc field that captures id's based on several filters. I'm just pushing the calc field into the global field so I don't have to refresh. But for some reason, I keep getting a "?" in the g field. The correct values are reflected in the data window but regardless of whether I try and capture the array by way of a set field script step or capture the array by variable, I still get the "?". I thought the problem might arise from something related to inserting and deleting records by way of sql (specifically, something to do with updating the g_field with a newly added or removed id) but even when I created a single line script to capture the array by way of set variable, and alternatively, by sql select, I still get the "?". Any ideas?
  6. Workaround aside, I want to capture the field contents of a radio button before that field is modified.
  7. Basically I'm experimenting with different display strategies and I like the idea of using merge variables as buttons. My objective is to create a static number of merge variables, named $$mergeVar1-$$mergeVar10; then based on some trigger, declare these variables dynamically by way of a loop; then create some kind of button toggle/command functionality based on the name and content of the variable I press. I like the idea of using merge variables because the toggle command "list" could expand or shrink based on the scenario I prescribe. This is basically in alternative to using multiple sets of radio buttons, in which some of the radio fields might be irrelevant/taking up space given the context. The other downside to the radio field implementation (I think) is that I don't think I can use OnObjectEnter script triggers which I'd like to do. I've seen custom functions that grab all of the merge variables names/content on the layout, but I want to grab just the one I select. Is this possible in FMP 12?
  8. It took me a minute to figure out how to simplify my explanation, but I'm essentially trying to create a hierarchical, parent-child outline structure within a portal where some parent-child-sibling sets of records in the chain may have distinct parents/ancestors. I think I'm just going to duplicate those chains since there are a couple of other wrinkles in my set up that make that it a better course of action. But the perceived benefit of using the same records in the portal is that when I modify these records, I wouldn't have to modify the duplicate chain in a separate step. This is just for a personal database I've been working on and it's somewhat of an experiment. I just wanted to know if it could be done or not so I could put that implementation idea to rest. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Is it possible to show multiple instances of same (non-duplicate) record in a single portal? I assume this isn't possible but I thought maybe I could use a join table or something?
  10. I'm not sure why this isn't working, but I have a dynamic SQL SELECT statement where both the number of fields/arguments and field values is dynamic. The problem I'm running into is when one of those values is a button container field with multiple reps. The following only represents the part of the calc that is not working. I've pulled this out and having playing with in the data viewer and I can't seem to figure out what's going wrong. Any help would be much appreciated. Let([ $SELECT_Items = " SELECT " & GFN (Items::kp_ITEMid ) & " FROM " & GTN (Items::kf_Title ) & "WHERE "; $Button = GFN (Items::Button_Log) & " = ? "; $Status = GTN (Items::Icon_Log) & "::" & GFN (Items::Icon_Log[2]) ]; //This returns values ExecuteSQL ( $SELECT_Items & $Button; ""; ¶; Items::Icon_Log[2] )) This returns nothing ExecuteSQL ( $SELECT_Items & $Button; ""; ¶; $Status ))
  11. That's the approach I've taken in the past, but making the WHERE parameter dynamic based on the contents of four fields seemed a little less simple than just capturing four variables and then plugging them into a static SQL statement. Plus, I just like to know what the limits are.
  12. Probably a super easy question but I cannot figure this out for the life of me. The short of it is that I'm trying to capture all records when a field value equals anything. I've tried using ALL, Any, and even Like "[a-z]%". Nothing seems to work. The bigger picture is that I'm using several global fields to filter a portal by the value list selections within said global fields. Given the selected values, I've got a calc field that captures a list of serials which filters in the portal. The issue is that for each of the global fields, I'm also using a "Show All" value that that effectively removes the global as a list condition. I'm not sure if thats clear but basically the set up is something like this: Let([ $GlobalValue1= "x"; $GlobalValue2 = Case(g_field2 = "Show All"; ALL; "y"); $GlobalValue3 = "z" ]; SQL ("SELECT id FROM Table WHERE Field1 = ? and Field2 = ? and Field3 = ?"; ""; ""; $GlobalValue1; $GlobalValue2; $GlobalValue3)) Any ideas?
  13. Super basic question, but I was wondering how to capture single quotation (") marks in variables or calc fields. This is just for display purposes as I'm using FMP as way of simplify a bunch of repetitive cutting and pasting between fields on an online database at work. FMP won't allow me to use the symbol for inches (") and if I cheat and use two single quotes (''), it doesn't display correctly in the work database where I'm pasting the data into. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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