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  1. Fantastic this is exactly what I was looking for. I've used Filemaker since FM7 for my business, having no official IT qualifications or expertise it's more of a hobby and our solution has evolved with our business as we have needed it to. When I've posted asking for help her over the years you have often always been first and provided the solution Comment - thank you!
  2. Hi there, I have a field set to display a value list which shows unique dates based on a team members meetings. I would like to add a 'next' and a 'previous' button to my layout to set the field with the next falue contained in the value list - is this possible? Hope someone can give me some guidance thans in advanc.
  3. Hi there I have: 3 fields which relate to team performance criteria: ServiceTakings, RequestRate, and RebookPercent. We have 4 performance levels, team have to hit each criteria for said level to be awarded. i.e. tier 1 request rate = 0-39%, tier 2 request rate = 40-60%, tier 3 61-75% and tier 4 = 75%+ tier 1 ServiceTakings = 0-£4400, tier 2 = 4400-£58000, tier 3 = 5801-7000, tier 4 = 7001+ Team could be working at level 4 for serviceTakings, and level 3 for Request and 2 for rebook, in this instance the would only be awarded level 2 overall How can I set up a si
  4. I am having trouble pulling date from an external filemaker file. One file contains a client profile table, the other a client notes table. I have set up a basic relationship in both files (ClientIDClientProfile is equal to ClientIDNotes) My calculations are working getting data from the Client profile to my notes file but not the other way around. I thought I have set everything up the same both ways... what are the first things I should check when I cant pull data from an external filemaker file using a calculation? Im using filemaker 12 pro, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks for your reply, could you talk me through this a little more? Just to clarify I'm looking to mark any fields which are duplicate, so if i have a found set of 20 out of 50 records I need the script to mark those 20 found and mark any of the 30 outside the 20 found records if they share the same email address with anyone of the original 20 found records. Hope that makes sense.
  6. I'm looking for a solution to mark records which have duplicate fields in a found set. For example after constraining a found set of client records I would like a way to mark those, and any other records outside of the constrained set which share duplicate values in certain fields such as the same email addresses or phone numbers, and then return to the original found set. Can anyone point me in the right direction here, thanks.
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