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  1. I will give that a try, is there an advantage to using the case statements in the portal?
  2. Thanks for the expression it worked great, only had to had a plus 1 to the end date to include last month. To extract the month numbers just created a dropdown with the selection list, then a script with if statements to set the Start/End fields that are used in your expression. Thanks again.
  3. I currently have a portal that I am filtering with 3 different global fields, all work fine. I would like to add a field to filter by a months block from current date. There is a sale date column in the form of 8/29/2017. The date drop down filter field would have the following entries. The filter will be referenced to the current date. If "3-6 mos" were selected only records in Dec 2017, Jan 2018 and Feb 2018 would show ( 3, 4 and 5 months from today's month). This would be the drop down. All Dates < 0 mos 0-1 mo 0-3 mos 3-6 mos 6-9 mos 9-12 mos >12 mos
  4. I am working on putting a line chart on top of a scatter chart, I select transparency of the line chart background and it does not become transparent, is there something else I should be doing. I am using FM14. The scatter chart will not become transparent either.
  5. Got the scatter charts I wanted using multiple tables and return delimited data (using List function). What would be the best way to filter the financial data in the scatter chart by year and/or company? Show only certain companies, hide/show a data series. Show only data for certain years.
  6. Can you point me to some examples of doing this, thanks.
  7. Thanks, I'll review the Filemaker Hacks article.
  8. I would want each company series for; Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, to be a different color, so if I used one table I would need 6 sets of Sales (Sales 1, Sales 2, Sales 3...), 6 sets of Net Income etc. to have control of he series markers, correct?
  9. I am capturing financial information for 5 companies (probably not more than 5 companies would be needed), that are related to each account in the database. Each account in the database would have a different 5 companies associated with it. I want to graph specific data of all 5 companies and the account on a single scatter chart. I am having problems getting the chart to show more than one companies set of data. I currently have a table for each of the 5 companies, would I be better off to have all of the financial data in one table? If I went with separate tables for each company, what is th
  10. Actually I liked the "leading sub-summary by Category" look better, thanks for the input. Thanks again.
  11. I have a layout in list view, the number of entries after the first entry will vary, current layout. How would I go about only showing the first occurrence of an entry under Category, the entries under Item and Sub-Category would remain the the same, desired format. II Capital Hardware (blank) Peripherals (blank) Network (blank) Application Software etc. III Project Expenses Strategic Planning (blank) Consulting: N
  12. Is it possible to chart the following data shown in this sub-summary report. The data is all in one table called financials. I would like to chart the data as though there were three series, one for each company. Is this possible to do? I would prefer a standalone chart but could use in a sub-summary report. The y-axis is the ROS data and the x-axis is the AU data.
  13. I've seen some of the Virtual List articles in the past, this will be a good reason to go through this series, thanks.
  14. I would like to replicate this Excel cash flow statement in Filemaker. Looking for some ideas on how to go about this. I may be making this more complicated than it needs to be. Should I place multiple portals in a list view form or is this all doable with a sub-summary report? The line items would not necessarily be the same for every account, in some cases there would be less or more items. Ideally I would like to collapse the various sections.
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