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  1. laguna92651

    Portal Filter By Months Ahead Of Current Date

    I will give that a try, is there an advantage to using the case statements in the portal?
  2. laguna92651

    Portal Filter By Months Ahead Of Current Date

    Thanks for the expression it worked great, only had to had a plus 1 to the end date to include last month. To extract the month numbers just created a dropdown with the selection list, then a script with if statements to set the Start/End fields that are used in your expression. Thanks again.
  3. I currently have a portal that I am filtering with 3 different global fields, all work fine. I would like to add a field to filter by a months block from current date. There is a sale date column in the form of 8/29/2017. The date drop down filter field would have the following entries. The filter will be referenced to the current date. If "3-6 mos" were selected only records in Dec 2017, Jan 2018 and Feb 2018 would show ( 3, 4 and 5 months from today's month). This would be the drop down. All Dates < 0 mos 0-1 mo 0-3 mos 3-6 mos 6-9 mos 9-12 mos >12 mos This is what I currently have with the date filtering, using a custom function, this works fine. ( T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::g_search_probability = 0 or T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::g_search_probability ≤ T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::Sale_Probability ) and ( T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::g_search_priority = "All" or FindWordPartsInText ( T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::g_search_priority ; T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::Priority ; 1 )) and (IsEmpty ( T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::g_search_opportunity ) or FindWordPartsInText ( T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::g_search_opportunity ; T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::Opportunity & ¶ & T20_ALL_OPPORTUNITIES::Account ; 1 ))
  4. laguna92651

    Charting Transparency Problem

    I am working on putting a line chart on top of a scatter chart, I select transparency of the line chart background and it does not become transparent, is there something else I should be doing. I am using FM14. The scatter chart will not become transparent either.
  5. laguna92651

    Charting Multiple Tables On Scatter Graph

    Got the scatter charts I wanted using multiple tables and return delimited data (using List function). What would be the best way to filter the financial data in the scatter chart by year and/or company? Show only certain companies, hide/show a data series. Show only data for certain years.
  6. laguna92651

    Charting Multiple Tables On Scatter Graph

    Can you point me to some examples of doing this, thanks.
  7. laguna92651

    Charting Multiple Tables On Scatter Graph

    Thanks, I'll review the Filemaker Hacks article.
  8. laguna92651

    Charting Multiple Tables On Scatter Graph

    I would want each company series for; Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, to be a different color, so if I used one table I would need 6 sets of Sales (Sales 1, Sales 2, Sales 3...), 6 sets of Net Income etc. to have control of he series markers, correct?
  9. I am capturing financial information for 5 companies (probably not more than 5 companies would be needed), that are related to each account in the database. Each account in the database would have a different 5 companies associated with it. I want to graph specific data of all 5 companies and the account on a single scatter chart. I am having problems getting the chart to show more than one companies set of data. I currently have a table for each of the 5 companies, would I be better off to have all of the financial data in one table? If I went with separate tables for each company, what is the best approach to create the scatter graph showing the 5 companies plus the account on the chart? Example of data to be entered, AT and ROS are the elements to be charted.
  10. laguna92651

    Blanking Entries After First In List View Report

    Actually I liked the "leading sub-summary by Category" look better, thanks for the input. Thanks again.
  11. laguna92651

    Blanking Entries After First In List View Report

    Worked great, thank you.
  12. I have a layout in list view, the number of entries after the first entry will vary, current layout. How would I go about only showing the first occurrence of an entry under Category, the entries under Item and Sub-Category would remain the the same, desired format. II Capital Hardware (blank) Peripherals (blank) Network (blank) Application Software etc. III Project Expenses Strategic Planning (blank) Consulting: Network (blank) Consulting: Process etc.
  13. laguna92651

    Chart series by sub series

    Is it possible to chart the following data shown in this sub-summary report. The data is all in one table called financials. I would like to chart the data as though there were three series, one for each company. Is this possible to do? I would prefer a standalone chart but could use in a sub-summary report. The y-axis is the ROS data and the x-axis is the AU data.
  14. laguna92651

    Generate multi section sub total form

    I've seen some of the Virtual List articles in the past, this will be a good reason to go through this series, thanks.
  15. laguna92651

    Generate multi section sub total form

    I would like to replicate this Excel cash flow statement in Filemaker. Looking for some ideas on how to go about this. I may be making this more complicated than it needs to be. Should I place multiple portals in a list view form or is this all doable with a sub-summary report? The line items would not necessarily be the same for every account, in some cases there would be less or more items. Ideally I would like to collapse the various sections.

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