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  1. Thank you Ma Retta ; I found an other solution for my work .. also I need to your help .. In the same layout , I will make a buton with a script that allow user to save record but No to change existing record ; for exemple. I have a Car " Golf6" , "White", "120Ch".... and I modify this record by adding some record like , "Pirce=20.000$", ... What I want to do is: when I press the boutton , I save a new record with all data ( some think like save-as) ; I keep my old record and I make a new one wich contain : " Golf6" , "White", "120Ch" "Pirce=20.000$". Whell as result , I perform a find
  2. I think It's the better way , to combine the two table in 3rd one . Creating a table " Table_C" with a new "layout_C". Can I have a layout like layout_A and layout_B to display records?? WhatI suppose to have as relations between the Three tables??
  3. I explain my needs from oter way : For exemple; I ha have Cars " Green" and wich prices are 20.000$ in table "Cars"; table "Cars_archive" contain also cars with color "Green" and for 20.000$ . In the layout of table "Cars", when I perform find of cars with 20.000$ , I want to display , in this layout, All cars for 20.000$ , from the 2 tables.
  4. Im sorry , The real name of tables : "Cars" and "Cars_Archive" ; When I locate a car , I modify the date field in the layout of cars then I archivate it ( save car document in table "Cars_Archve" ) . We can find more than document for just one car in table " Car_archive"; . And when I search for a car or a detail of cars , I want to display found record from 2 tables , "Cars" and "Cars_Archive" in One layout .
  5. I try to display records from 2 tables "Table_A" and "Table_B". I explain what I need : Im in a layout_A from table_A . I want to search for record with specific criteria in this table and in a Table_B which contain other records. All records must be displayed in Layout_A . Table A and Table B are related with the Id_Document.
  6. Hi Forum; Im using filemaker Pro 11 advanced , and I created a boutton with a script in layout A wihch allow user to go to the layout B and display record finding in this layout . Enter Find Mode[Restore] GoToLayout [ " Layout B " ( TableB)] GoToRelated Reord [ "Show onlu related records; Match found set from table: "Table B"; Using layout <current layout> ] When I want to change the "<Current layout >" by "<Layout A >" ; It's not possible to do that , filemaker don't allow me to select layout A to display found records !! How I shoud change my script and what
  7. Hi Wim Decorte; I create the Excel macro in the server; and it works . My Excel VBA Macro can send email from the server by using the SMTP. I create also the FMS scheduled script that export record from the FM DB. Now, I want to open the exported Excel files automatically in the server, just open them , then , The macro will run . thank you
  8. Hi Wim Decorte; Would have gotten the macro in the "Personal.xls" file; defalut The file by MS Office Excel Which can run the macro for Any Excel file. Im not executing anything on the server, only the macro will be executed automatically each time you open any Excel file . I will explain the complete business logic: 1/FMS exporting records from FMP as Excel files with a scheduled FMS script ( every 20 mn ). 2 / to open the exported Excel file, a macro is triggered automatically , copy records from an open excel file in a new Word files (model on which the records must be saved ) 3/The
  9. Hi Steven; the "Perform Without Dialog" option is checked. And I m going to have the Excel file in the directory where FMS can export, The problem is; Why when FMS export excel records , he can't open files automatically ?? jabrane
  10. Hi dansmith65; I create an Excel macro what run just for any open Excel file ..That's why I need to open automatically .xls files exported from the filemaker pro 11 DB. Exported files will be saved in a specific directory of FM server . Have you please a solution ??
  11. Hi; In my script Filemaker pro 11 , I used the function : Export records [No dialog; “<output filename>”; Automatically open>] This script is used like a schedule script which running every 20mn from the filemaker server; what I need , is to export records from the DB as an .XLS file than Open this file automatically in the server when I test the script in my descktop , I receive the exported files and it will be " automatically opened" But , on the Server , That can't be open automatically !! what shoud I do please to open exported files automatically in the server ??
  12. This Is my VBA macro , hope you can help me : Sub MacroExcelWord() Dim WordApp As Word.Application Dim WordDoc As Word.Document Dim oWdApp As Object Dim i As Byte Dim sChemin As String Dim nom As String On Error Resume Next Dim j As Integer j = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count Dim n As Byte n = Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column If ActiveWorkbook.Name Like "Class*.xls" Then For j = 2 To j 'start the loop the opeation until the next will be for each line used in the file Set WordApp = CreateObject("word.application") 'ouvre session word nom = She
  13. Hello forum; I work with FM 11 and FM pro advanced server. My abjectif is to export word file,after running a macro script from excel file. I explain the steps: 1 / with FM server I can export excel files from web browser and send them by mail to users;I use a schedule script running with filemaker server for this task. 2 / User open the excel file received, Run the Excel Macro (macro is saved in an excel file by default (PERSO.XLS) can be used in every excel document in the user's PC). 3 / USING this macro, using MS Word bookmarks, we will have Word files whose data is copied from E
  14. Hi evyOne; I m interested by your post and Im happy to found this exempl "geberate word file" , well; In my DB application ,usnig FM pro11, I export records in an .xls file from server ; however , I want to generate Template word file wich conatin records from the excel file .. I create an excel macro which do the works ( save records from excel file to word template) But; I want to RUN this "Macro " from the FM DB !! Is that possible?? Thks
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