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  1. I'm in List view with a sort based on Urgency (Urgent, Concerned, Regular). I go to a card window (same context, not that it matters) that has three stars for urgency. I change the Urgency. I close the card window that returns me to List view. The same/right record is selected in Pro/Go, as it should be. But, Pro is still showing that record even if it moved 100 spots due to being a different Urgency. Go doesn't. I can't get Go to scroll to that record, even though it is even selecting a field on that record. I can scroll down a few pages and there it is, on the right record with the
  2. [Cross Post - I posted this as Claris Community, but didn't get any bites after 24 hours] I am trying to scroll to the active record in List view. It works perfectly in Pro (19). I am running the script from Go (iPhone) using the FileMaker Network (lightning cable to my Mac) I cannot get it to work in Go. It goes to the right record and field because I can manually scroll to it, but the script won't do it. Here is the simple script: ====================================== Go to Field [Select/Perform; Person::FirstName] Scroll Window [To Selection] ==
  3. Comment, Thanks so much! The Adobe plugins were the issue. The crash and Adobe part were late-developing. You are a genius! I scoured those forums and never came across those posts. whardy
  4. Yes, it is all PDFs. I will upload the barebones files I'm working with that displays that behavior. If you click on Preview in Form view, you can see documents. Just not in regular Browse mode. PDF_Test.fmp12
  5. I found that article before I posted and tried it. It didn't make any difference, unfortunately. I have scoured the internet for articles dealing with this and simply cannot find a solution. It seems that it has to be a valid file, as the Show Sample Data displays it fine. I've also tried combination of Insert PDF and Insert File. I've also tried adding the "Image" prefix in Insert File, but to now avail. Any other ideas?
  6. I have a PDF that I cannot view in a container field. Interactive Content is checked. I assume the PDF file is valid because if I'm in Layout Mode with Sample Data on, the image shows in the container field. But, once I go to Browse mode, it doesn't show. If I view container attributes in the data viewer, it appears everything is as it should be. Any thoughts? Thanks, whardy
  7. Ok. Thanks for the help. I'm already doing that, so I'll hold on to that, It's more foolproof.
  8. I thought that might be the answer. I know the get(PageCount) is new, but where will it be valid? I've tried to get it show up in Data View during a Preview, but the value returns blank, even though there are two pages. When does get(PageCount) actually show data?
  9. List Report: Yes Title Footer: Yes Printing: User can choose whether to Print or save to PDF after viewing Why: A task for printing an announcement sheet for a non-profit was taken from a graphic designer using inDesign and given to someone who does not need to learn inDesign nor FileMaker. It is basically a list, so I think FileMaker should be able to handle it, although taxing it (and me!) because of a couple "graphical" requirements FileMaker doesn't do naturally. Header: Graphic, text, date, etc. SubSummary: Type of announcement Body: Announcement Traili
  10. If a report only has one page, I still need it to print a second page in order to print the footer. What is the most efficient way to force another page, even if it is blank?
  11. I went back and started the GTRR from scratch and it worked as I originally thought it could/should and exactly as I needed. I am not sure what I got wrong the first time, but it is working now. Thanks for the help thinking through it.
  12. I have tried GTRR with the Match Found Set, but I am not having success. There may be a setting that I still not getting right. GTRR seemed to be the most logical, but the report ends up with several times more records than the original found set. Any other ideas? I will play with the GTRR settings since that still seems to be the solution.
  13. I think I tried to simplify my database too much in my explanation. It is clearly one-to-many, as the Subject side is actually particular occurrences of subjects in the Book. So, any record in Subjects will actually only refer to one book, not many. One book will many occurrences in it, though, of various subjects. As I mentioned, that part is all working okay and my question is more about how I get a report layout to use the same record set from the layout that contains the master database. I hope that is a little clearer...
  14. I have a master layout where I am entering Books and multiple Subjects per book. One book has many subjects. Through a Find on this Master layout, I come up with a subset of records (Books and Subjects) that I need to run a Report on. My Report is another layout where I want to use the Found records to show each Book and its related Subjects. Each layout works perfectly by itself, but using a Button on the master layout to go to the Report (using GTRR or Go To Layout, etc.), the Report isn't using the Found set. How do I get the Report layout to use the records I found using the Ma
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