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  1. We have a table containing time bookings for all of our staff. Its the data for a calendar so has: Name, Start Date, End Date, Start Time, End Time, Description. We also have a table which is just the names of the people. We have a week planner view which I made by 7 relationships and portals, works reasonably well, apart from if you are viewing quite a few peoples records at the same time it takes some time to update. I have 2 Questions: Is there a slicker way than having 7 portals? The blocks do not join up with each other. (See Example) Our business want to make a mu
  2. @rwoods Thanks will give that a go. You are correct it will be awkward for end users but I will try and script it.
  3. Thanks @rwoods Table 2 only has 2 fields, Skill and Skill level. Eg, Name Skill Skill Level John Smith First Aid 2 John Smith Car 3 Roger Brown First Aid 1 Steve Smith First Aid 2 So cannot concat anything. Doing multiple requests as you suggest would just give all the people first aid level 2 as well as people who have the Car Level 3 I need a
  4. Ok we have a table of names of people which relates to a table of skills that person has and what level of skill they have. Table 1 Full Name Table 2 Skill Skill Level We want to be able to do a find with multiple requests. For example, I want to see all the people in Table 1 which has First Aid as a skill at level 2. Easy! Now I want to see all the people who have First Aid at level 2 AND also can drive a car at level 3. The important thing here is I want request 1 AND request 2. I have tried to do this and cannot figure out a way.
  5. We are using FM 12 and have many mac users on Outlook 2011. Many users are reporting Outlook saying "Unable to download the item. Item contains invalid XML characters" it does not tell them which message it is but I have managed to find out which emails and there does not seem to be a pattern. I believe the fault is something to do with invalid UTF 8 characters. The emails are being sent by a server side script using the SMTP option of the send mail script item. The problem is that these emails are really important and are warnings to people about problems with our business. I will pas
  6. Our system now has about 30 reports and the way I manage them is by haveing a layout with buttons on it that run those reports. I need to simplify it and its really hard to keep it looking neat and tidy. Ideally I could create a table which I could name each report and give a description and when the user clicks on a button it runs the relevant script. Anyone got any ideas?
  7. I have a mac running Filemaker Pro 8.5 sharing files to other mac users on FM 8.5. I recently bought a PC running windows 8 and wanted to connect that to the Filmaker file, FM 8.5 wouldnt install on Windows 8 so I got hold of FM10. When you go to remote hosts it sees the mac running the FM file but shows no file to click on. If you try typing the exact URL in it says file is not found. I also tried copying the actual filemaker file from the mac to see if it would open and run on the PC which it does with no problem. Anyone got any ideas?
  8. We use an appraisal form which is on paper. People fill in their name and answer a few questions. We can scan them all in in bulk. I want to somehow get the scans into filemaker so people can type them up. Ideally FM would split the questions into different container fields and then data entry workers would each get a question at a time to type up. This way the work can be distributed accross workers. Any ideas?
  9. Hi. I am running the latest version of Filemaker Pro Server 12. Every few days the server keeps disconnecting clients. The can log back in again but is annoying for them. Then when I try to go and look at the admin tool it says this: HTTP Status 403 - FileMaker Server has encountered an error: Access to the specified resource () has been forbidden. If the Server Launch Page is not available, visit the FileMaker Website for more assistance. The only way to get back into the server admin is to restart the server, disconnecting all the users again! I am running the server on a M
  10. Hi, here are few of my observations since upgrading to 12. Anyone have any fixes. 1. Holding down ALT (mac) to copy items does not give you all the guide help (all the blue arrows etc to help you place it.) You have to copy it, release the mouse then move it before you get the guides to help you. 2. When selecting all, you dont get to see all the items and where they are, you just get a big box around the whole selection. Useful when you have lost a little shape or text box on the layout somewhere. 3. Nudging items, you used to be able to nudge very small increments by holding down the C
  11. I have a Mac Pro Dual Core Xeon 2.0 GHZ from about 2008 currently running our FMP 10 Server. Just upgrading to FMP12 Server and wondering if I should keep the Mac Pro or upgrade to Mac Mini i7. Any views?
  12. Thanks John, unfortunately my database uses all of the above. What you have above is everything that makes FM a viable option. We are moving from FMP 10 - 12 this week to make use of 64 bit processing. Looking to maybe update the Mac Pro 2GHZ Dual Core Zeon to something a bit newer. Does anyone think thats a good idea? Mac Mini i7?
  13. We have Filemaker Pro 10 Server running on a Mac Pro running snow leopard. On our LAN the speed is fine. We share the file over the web and its painfully slow. We have a 10meg leased line, so its 10meg up and 10meg down(uncontended). The filemaker pro database file is now 500mb. Does anyone have any advice? I have been told to upgrade to FM12 which I plan to do, but is there anything else I can try.
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