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  1. I had no idea you could do that (see i told you i am noob). I will google how to do that. Thanks for the Tip
  2. Hi All I am using FM 12 Pro Advanced, I am relatively new to this whole scene. I have several layouts which i want to print PDF's from. This is all ok i know how to do this but My layouts contain fields that i am resizing "sliding up based on content" The problem is i end up with spare blank pages at the end of the PDF when a user does not used the maximum field space and the thus the fields slide up. See attached PDF showing a part of my database output which documents the case narratives for a patient in my adverse events register. Each Field actually has a whole page length for th
  3. Isnt it just sad that we have to go to huge lengths to put a simple indicator on a list. I am new to filemaker but this is by far the most frustrating thing i have yet to experience
  4. Hi all I am a new FM 12 pro user and looking for tools that can help me enhance and speed up my file maker experience and learning curve. Specifically i would like Script management/ making tools Layout menus tools Suggestions with pros and cons would be useful thanks in advance
  5. Hi Bruce I was using the gettimestamp as a script that auto ran on "record load" layout script trigger. This was to give a "when the record was last viewed" field a value. I used this in a portal and was able to list the top 5 most recently viewed (sorted portal by the timestamp). I used the go to related record function so that a user could click on a record in the portal list and go to that record. Since then i have changed my ideas made the portal show records based on "last modified" time stamp so that user gets a "quick click list" of records they were most recently working on. It
  6. Hi Bruce. I understand and next time will prepare a file for you. I am relatively new to FM as you can no doubt tell. In the meantime i am happy to report that the advice here helped tremendously and i was able to do what i wanted. I would show you a screenshot/file but i am not sure how to upload said things to this forum yet ( thats my very next task) Thanks once again for taking the time to help out, much appreciated by a noob like me.
  7. Oddly though my get (current hosttimestamp) dosent give my current date and time. Instead it is listing 1/01/0001 in the timestamp field on loading the record. Forgive me but i am new to Timestamps but shouldnt it be getting the current time and date of mysystem or am i being daft?
  8. Hi Rivet Thanks for this i will give both ideas a try but i think i am heading towards a multi user environment so the second solution may be the way to go
  9. Hi all, forgive me if this is in the wrong place. I could not easily figure out where to post, apologies in advance. I was wondering if there is a way to have a records sorted in order of "date/time" last viewed. The idea being to have a list which the user can easily see records they were last dealing with and to use that list as hot links to those records. An example of this functionality is how Microsoft word gives you a quick find list of recently created documents. Kindest regards Ozziggy
  10. Thanks for that, i must be going mad I will work on it some more, i am sure its something simple , i just cant work out why it works in one table and not the other. I literally have the same setup. In related table Parent to table B: The patient ID (set to auto generate on creating a record) in the parent table is used as the related field to the child table The child table is set to allow creation of records etc. When i try to display the "child patent ID" in table B, i just get a blank space. It also does not create records when i add a record from the main table.
  11. Hi all I have several related tables all hanging off a main table (filemaker pro 12). The tables are related by an auto generated unique ID. Lets call that a patient ID for want of a better description. I have merrily created these related tables while building my solution and they work fine. The patient ID can be displayed in the layouts of the related tables using the local field that "patient ID" that is related to the main table and all is good. For example one of the related tables is called drug information and my layout shows the patient ID followed by the drug information for
  12. Wow! Thanks Doughemi ....This is exactly what i wanted to achieve. Now the challenge for me as a complete newbie, is to work out just how you did that from deconstructing / reconstructing your graciously provided example file. This could take some time, because even though i have a few bits of paper that claim that i am smart, i feel like i blundering idiot in filemaker terms! I think without the kindness of others the new lambs like myself would surely be wolf bait. cheers Zig
  13. Hi Paavo Thanks for your response Background: the main table is a case report form that list an adverse event. These are unique The related record in child and parent Is the unique case report identifier. Child table is a data base of medical histories(ie past procedures, ,like for example hip implant, and knee arthroscopy) The advantage of entering data through the last portal row is that it creates medical history record with the currently viewed and created unique cases identifies. The problem is entering data into the last portal row can seem confusing for the user. So what I was hoppi
  14. Hi all to frame my problem i have patients that may have varying numbers of medical procedures/histories. I can easily make a portal from my main database table to a child table using the patient ID as the related field. This allow me to enter in the medical history for that patient using a portal rather than a repeating field. however to make this UI nice i would like to have one portal that is used to enter new records (histories) displaying only one row "ie the new one" and one portal below it that display the histories already entered for that patient (standard portal with
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