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  1. Thanks for your reply and your thoughts. I couldn't find a software which fits my needs, so I have to build my own solution. The costs aren't irrelevant but not decisive. With FileMaker I will be much more flexible now and in the future, if I'm going to modify or extend my database. I can change, move or add whatever I need. I can build a user-friendly, easy to use software. With commercial or Open Source products I'm always limited and you shouldn't underestimate the effort to adapt such a solution to your own needs. Except VLAN Tagging I need further information like - Where is the Switch located (building and room) - Wich device is connected to which switch port - Where are the corresponding network sockets located (building, floor, room, exact position) - Possibility to add documentation, notes and pictures - Integration with my inventory (a FileMaker solution) By the way, I'm already using The HP Intelligent Management Center Software (IMC Basic w/50-node E-LTU) to monitor and manage ProCurve switches.
  2. If there's someone who could create the necessary relationships I would pay his/her work ...
  3. Hello Lee No, it's not a commercial product. I am trying to create a database to manage the 50 switches in our school network. The script you mentioned is a part of the help system which I removed from the attached file. The goal is to have a record for every switch with all the information like which device is connected to which port, VLAN tagging of the ports, etc. - In the end I would like to have a complete solution with a vertical navigation, documentation, links to the firmware, administration passwords and so on. The switch models I've created directly in FileMaker. In the models table I will store all the different switch models. I have problems to setup relationships between the tables "ports", "switches" and "models". Can you give me a hint?
  4. Hello, could someone help me with this situation please? I would like to change the color of the switch port according to the selected VLAN. I've tried in different ways but couldn't find a solution. Any help is welcome. hp_switch.zip
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