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  1. I am trying to create a data base for fantasy football. Â I am sure I am not the first nor am I the last. Â Â I am attempting to take all available players at a given site, and calculate value for each player. Â I am then going to sort by position to help the selection process each player. Â I have my tables getting data from a specific excel spreadsheet and importing it into a FM table. Â I am then performing calculations to come up with predicted performance. Â I next want to take that predicted performance and calculate to "fantasy points per dollar" thus finding the most value. Â
  2. I do have those unique identifiers as stated in your reply. For playername_id I have ensured a unique identifier for each player by performing a calculation to make player_nameid and player_nameidfk to be the first two letters in a players first name and his last name (i.e Mike Trout = MiTrout) Thanks again.
  3. stat 1 and stat 2 were used for example only.  On the stats table I have 10 different stats.  I am trying to use a portal on the position table to display all players that play that particular position and their statistics (from the stat table)  The data that I am importing is a spreadsheet that has a players name, a player id and about 10 different stats.  When I attempt to create a relationship between the stats table to a player, I am getting a many to many relationship.  Here is a pic of my table structure if it makes it more clear.  Thanks for your patience as I am new to F
  4. Im in the process of just learning Filemaker, so please bear with me. Everytime I think I have a grasp on the process, I get humbled. So here is the latest: I am trying to create a report about baseball. My goal is to have a report by position and display all the stats for players that play that position. I have downloaded a .csm file that has every player since 1871 and their associated stats. So here is my thought process. First I created a table for Position: Position pos_name pos_id Next I created a table of players in that postition. I imported these players from a .csm file through
  5. I worked through those power points and watched a couple videos on youtube...It was all a relationship problem. Thank you very much...I just had to get the relationships correct and use a portal to show the ingredients everytime I select a new rub.
  6. The specific question I have is that I want to prepare a rub (with a button). When I do that I want it to import all the associated ingredients with that rub. I do not have a problem with changes in price over time, because I have a weighted average of how much each ingredient costs. I know that is going to change with time, and I do not have a problem with that. I am more worried about keeping track of inventory then I am price. Once I import all the associated ingredients, I want to be able to dictate how much rub I am going to make and then be able to calculate the exact quantity o
  7. In my continued quest to learn Filemaker the old fashion way (just dive in head first!), I have got stuck again. I am attempting to make a typical inventory database that consists of recipe ingredients for Dry Rubs. I have a table and have successfully created the ability to take a receipt and enter the data off the receipt to calculate "inventory in". Now the twist. I have created another table to add recipes to the database, using a portal to add related records to each recipe at a given amount for each recipe. I would like to create a button/link to push "make" recipe and have t
  8. The problem I am have having, or maybe this is my misunderstanding, is that when I am trying to use the weighted average for a given ingredient's price the result is zero. I have a layout that is all the ingredients used, and the all the purchases of that ingredient. I have a subsummary part that calculated the weighted average of all the transactions of a particular ingredient based on the quantity of the ingredient and the actual purchase price. I am then trying to take that subsummary part using the getsummary function and multiple it by the amount used in a recipe to give me the c
  9. In the Recipe table I am trying to make it so when I create a recipe it calculates the cost of said recipe. I must use a weighted average of all the purchase I make of a given ingredient as the price of ingredients change over time.
  10. I am pretty new to this so I apologize for my ignorance, but I have no idea what you are talking about. When entering date on a purchase order, I should have a script that runs the calculation and it will become stored data that can be later used in calculations.
  11. When trying to change the calculation using an aggregate function it makes it an unstored field. I am using the calculation of: Sum (purchaseorder::Amount Paid)/Sum (purchaseorder::Cost per Pound) It classifies it as an unstored field. I attempted to change the field to an stored field and it gives me the following error: "The calculation “total cost” cannot be stored or indexed because it references a related field, a summary field, an unstored calculation field, or a field with global storage."
  12. I understand that now, but now trying to use aggregate functions, it show that the calculation is unstored. How do I change this as it is giving me the same result (blank field)
  13. Wow great question....I think the answer is yes. As I purchase product the weighted average will change, and I am ok with that. To answer your question, yes.
  14. I am pretty new to Filemaker so I would like to apologize ahead of time.. Â I am trying to learn Filemaker the old fashion way, and just diving into it and asking questions when I get stuck. Â I am making a data base that I plan on tracking expenses for BBQ. Â In this data base, I have a table called ingredients that list of all ingredients that I use. Â It is the parent to a table I call "recipeingredients". Â (ingredientid -> ingredientidfk). Â I also have another table called "purchaseorder". Â This table is a list of transactions of buying ingredients. Â I know that prices change
  15. I am pretty new to Filemaker,and maybe trying to bite off more than I can chew...story of my ilfe.. I have used the GetUrl script and pasted html data into a field called "url_g". In this HTML I am attempting to get some data out of 4 tables and put them in their respective fields. I have tried numerous scripts to accomplish this, and am really struggling. A sample of the HTML code is below: <tr class="ysprow1" align="right" height="16"><td class="yspscores" align="left">&nbsp;2010-11</td><td class="yspscores" align="left">ATL</td><td clas
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