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  1. Thanks, Fitch...ok, so probably the same with Customers and Vendors, too? Just one table, but use a "type" field (c or v)... Then I'm still trying to wrap my head around the use of Layouts, Portals and Scripts...and I tend to be a visual learner (I haven't found many 'good' how to's on youtube yet...). For instance, the process of taking an ORDER, I'd like it to be broken into smaller layouts (for ease of the UX) to achieve a complete order: 1) "Type of order..." [Order::OrderTYPE (radio buttons)], [Order::OrderTIME_IN (auto-timestamp)], THEN goes to layout based on radio button choice; it would be nice if this happened automatically after a validation dialog "Delivery?" [OK, CANCEL] 2a) WALKUP layout...NO customer info needed, just Order# [Order::OrderID] and person can input actual MENU ITEMS... 2b) DELIVERY layout...customer info is taken, THEN proceeds to layout to input MENU ITEMS.. 2c) PICKUP layout...customer info is taken, but ONLY name/phone#, THEN proceeds to layout to input MENU ITEMS... So I'm trying to understand HOW does the input stay in the same record when I'm changing layouts and using different tables for the info? Do I need ONE table using Portals from the all the other tables used or...? I appreciate having patience in my ignorance. Once I "get it", I should be good to go Thanks!
  2. Ok, before I keep chasing my tail and without signing up for 4 years of academics on db's...here's what I want to achieve:  Food Ordering System ==================  1) Cashier/Order screen/layout  2) Food Prep screen/layout  3) Delivery screen/layout  Which would work like this: Order is taken, THEN said order is displayed/formatted for Prep, THEN/IF an Order is a Delivery it is displayed/formatted for that screen. (BTW, these 3 stations will be iPad-driven with, I believe at this point, an mac mini for the 'base')  So what's my question...?  I'd like seasoned views on how to breakdown the data into tables/relationships that 'make sense'.  I've started over several times and get lost in the relationships needed (equals brain hurt...no pain, no gain I suppose).  I have a rough mockups (my primary talent is artistic/graphic design) of the order system screens/layouts attached...  For example, I made a table for FOOD and a separate one for DRINKS...thinking that that would make it quicker to index/search if I had more tables instead of one all encompassing table of FOOD AND DRINKS combined.  Is this the right thinking?  Then I gave each of those ItemID...am I on the right track?  I've included a copy of db WITHOUT any relationships... Order Copy_20130108.fmp12.zip
  3. I appreciate all the replies...this has been the best forum for help so far! Thanks Chris, Lee, Rick! I guess I could have mentioned I wasn't concerned about country codes, but good to know how to handle them anyways Chris, Works like a charm!
  4. Ok, I found this calculation for validating a phone number when it get entered for desired formatting--(330) 555-1234. This works. The problem is that it inserts the error message into the field (as it should according to the script...) when incorrect number of numbers (say that again) is entered--012, 012345678901, etc., so I would like to have an error dialog box pop up instead...how do I go about doing that? AS IS NOW: Case(Length(CustomerPHONE) = 7;Left(CustomerPHONE;3) & "-" & Right(CustomerPHONE;4); (Length(CustomerPHONE) = 10); "(" & Left(CustomerPHONE;3) & ") " & Middle(CustomerPHONE; 4; 3) & "-" & Right(CustomerPHONE;4); "Must enter 10-digits") Maybe this is really elementary, but not for me at this point Thanks! PS Don't be surprised as my number of posts go up exponentially in the coming days! Also, if anyone has GOOD youtube tutorials/training links, please advise...I think I have the uncanny power of finding the LAME ones Order Copy_20130106.fmp12.zip
  5. Thanks, Jeremy! So my 'plan B' is to setup a mac mini as the 'base'...do I 'need' Server or can I get away with just another copy of FMP? [EDIT: I answered my question once I loaded FMP GO ] The trick is I'm trying to keep shore line power needs to a minimum (doesn't affect wether Server or not), so mac mini (no display/kb unless needed...).
  6. Ok, before I burn thru lots of time (as I've already spent a couple hours...), I was hoping someone may KNOW if you can do peer-to-peer between iPads (3 is the goal) on a closed wifi network (no internet connection)...? AND, if so, could I set it up so that at each iPad a user can log in to show only certain layouts...? Basically, I'm aiming for a mobilized menu/prep ordering system: Cashier + Order Prep Queue + Delivery Queue TIA for any insights
  7. eoneon123, Â Did you find a solution? Â I was looking for advice for my project and this seemed similiar...I think? Â Attached image. Â Â
  8. Thanks for the file, Paavo...now I'll see how to incorporate it into the 'big picture'
  9. I'm coming up with questions on an hourly basis it seems...I've done google searches and still can't seem to find answers, but sometimes asking the right question is the hardest chore. Â Ok, I want to have an concession stand customer ordering system and this made sense "to me" in my graphical way of thinking, HA!: Â I have layouts for each step, such as... Â [step 1] "Select order type..." (OrderTYPE is a field with Value List to choose from via radio buttons: Walk-Up, Delivery, Pick-Up). Â I then made a 'NEXT' button that I thought I'd send to the corresponding Layout calculated by the choice selected---let's say [step 2: Walk-Up], [step 2: Delivery], [step 2: Pick-Up] accordingly. How do I do this? Â Via 'Layout Name by Calculation'? If so, what would this calculation look like (I have a basic programming knowledge, artist by heart tho, of 'if/else' or 'case' arguments) in the correct syntax? Am I even on the right thinking path? Â Reason is some orders don't require needed info compared to others (ie: Delivery vs. Walk-Up) Â [step 2] [step 3] [step 4] etc... Â I'm attempting to make a touch screen UI for iPad that is pretty simple and intuitive for taking orders. Â If there's a better way of doing this, I'm all ears (eyes ). Â Thanks for taking the time! Â
  10. Ok, BIG newbie. I'm trying to wrap my mind around how to have an item made up of a combination of items, ie: (hot dog + drink + chips; chips + drink; breakfast burrito + drink; etc...or even Hot Dog + Hot Dog + Chips + Drink) What I have are tables with the item categories (easy to keep straight "to me"), such as Hot Dogs, Toppings, Drinks, etc...so I could have a table Specials that would have a line item made up of the combinations. Hope this is making some sense. This is what I have so far (just making tables that make sense "to me" at this point...any advice is appreciated) I'll just attach my starting point db. (EDIT: says I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file...filename.fmp12) PDF attached instead. Also, I wondered how to have a conditional calculation for this scenario: I have multiple hot dog toppings that can be added for one price (.50), but still want the toppings as seperate items. To get a cost per item evaluation at the end of a day; cost of each condiment/retail price is needed to track----so, if customer gets coney sauce, cheese, and onions for example, but customer price is same for ANY/ALL toppings... Clarify: -customer 1 Hot Dog -coney sauce (.50 to customer), but get (cost to us) -customer 2 Hot Dog -coney sauce -onion (.50 to customer), but get (cost to us) -stadium mustard / -customer 3 Hot Dog -saurkraut -cheese -onions (.50 to customer...and a quick need to get to a restroom ), but get (cost to us) -jalapenos / -pickles / Again, I appreciate any insights! Thanks! HHD Menu.pdf
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