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  1. This is an old post, but port 443 is probably not open which will cause this behavior.
  2. Not sure if this would help you but I got around this by using a line with the hidden criteria set. This is only good for a fixed row of text.
  3. Just me 2 cents on this but I had the very same problem. Fms12 was fine moved to fms13 and scripts would hang and kill the whole fms engine. I run a batch of scripts in multiple files every 3 minutes and they would run fine for hours or days and then Randomly lock up and kill the fms server. My solution was to deploy a vm client on the server with another fms instance using my developer server license and then Hosted a single fmp12 file that then ran the ots in the main files hosted on the host machine. I run a single ots every 3 minutes on the vm server file that opens all the files on the ma
  4. You just need to use external container storage then. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10244/~/storing-container-field-data-externally
  5. I'm not following your explanation, but a few thousand pictures is not that large if you keep the sizes in check. Use the get thumbnail step to resize them to 2000 x 2000 then keep daily backups of your filemaker solution. Then use a 3rd party backup to keep a copy of your backup ( not your live file! ) everything will then Be redundant 2 levels deep.
  6. Not sure what result you are after, but once a case function evaluates true it stops evaluation. If you need each of those conditions to evaluate each one should reside in its own case or if statement.
  7. I have extensive experience with both. The performance gains having a data separation model in a hosted environment is negligible at best and not worth the complexity. If you’re going hosted, stick with a single file solution.
  8. Never Mind. It wasn’t so hard. I just used autohotkey to make a script that waits 10 seconds and sends the return key script, and called it with the send command script right before opening the local file. However if someone knows of a built in way please still share!
  9. Hoping there is a solution to this. I host my vertical market solution on my own servers for my clients and I run updates once a month. I have built an update engine that backs up, closes file, takes the file off the server, runs an import process, saves as compacted and then puts new file back in the hosted directory and opens it. This is all automated except for 1 issue. I get the pop up dialog from FMPA that file can not be shared because another user is sharing . This is because I am running on the same machine as the FMSA 13, which I need to do because Im using the command line to control
  10. They are tied to the window not the layout. If you want to stop the on timer script you set it again with an interval of blank using double quotation marks
  11. When you set an on timer script you set hour many seconds are between each execution. So set the script timer for 3600 seconds and the script it calls very 3600 seconds checks for the time and if 3:00 continue.
  12. It is possible. Run the on timer script every hour checking for the time. Wrap your perform script in an If time =3:00
  13. You have to swipe when in camera mode to get to video. Video works directly in FMGo when inserting from camera.
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