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  1. BTW, about that flashing-by-too-fast dialog, that happens after I cancel the re-login: I have yet to be able to capture it by taking a screen video, but I have managed to discern that it starts with "Cannot reconnect". It happens when I am cancelling login to two FM files, one of which has opened the other. I have decided that is just telling me that file A cannot reconnect to file B, so I'm no longer concerned.
  2. Yeah, I had the same thought as I was submitting my question. What about the inactive interval, that determines when the re-login is necessary? Is it changeable?
  3. Sorry: Single user, Mac. If you can direct me to the appropriate FM Help resource page, I would be grateful. Arggh! I meant to ask: "That dialog that flashes by in about 0.1 seconds when the last re-login is CANCELLED, what does it say?"
  4. I recently purchased FM18, upgrading from 16. I find myself bemused by the "new" requirement to login again to a database, after a period of inactivity. Is there a way to adjust the inactive interval, make it shorter or longer? That dialog that flashes by in about 0.1 seconds when the last re-login is completed, what does it say? Thanks!
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