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  1. is it possible to launch filemaker and open a database from a hyperlink with chrome? I can get the FMP:// protocol to work with internet explorer just fine, but that really doesn't help since the office uses chrome.
  2. I'm having the same issue where the checkboxes uncheck themselves. Is there a solution for this yet?
  3. I just realized that I could put portals inside of popovers. I really like the idea of using this in a list view to show related records. I was thinking of using it as an expandable portion for each record sort of like a "+" used in other programs. One down side is that I could only keep one popover open at a time, but I think that would be alright. I'm curious what the filemaker community thinks of something like this. Would this be poor design? Has anyone else tried this out? Any other cons to popovers besides only one open at a time?
  4. Seems to be working great now. Maybe I wasn't steady enough when testing earlier. I'm glad it's working for me now. Fantastic new feature.
  5. I'm testing on a ipad mini. It's running iOS 7.0.3. I'm going to update to 7.0.4 and try it with a simpler test file and report back.
  6. Has anyone tried the new barcode scan feature? I can get it to work the first time I try it, but then it won't work again. I have to restart the app to get it working again.
  7. Sadly no progress was made on this. Since I never received a response for this I just used remote scripter to start the import on a robot machine. I really wish I could have figured this out.
  8. File has been completely rebuilt and put back in place. Everything is back in working order. Only took me 30 minutes. Got to love that data separation model.
  9. I made a clone of the file and put in a few test records and it works like it should!
  10. I copied one of the backups of the file from a month ago to see if anything has changed.. The SQL works as expected in the back up file. I double checked that the field definitions are the same as well. My final conclusion is that the table is corrupt.
  11. I've done more testing and narrowed it down to one table that doesn't calculate SQL correctly. Test 1: Works SELECT ID FROM TroubleTable Result: 1,2,3,4,5 Test 2: Doesn't work SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM TroubleTable Result: ? I then Copied the table and filled my copy with test data. Test 1b: Works SELECT ID FROM TroubleTableCopy Result: 1,2,3,4,5 Test 2b: Works SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM TroubleTableCopy Result: 5 So my question would be, what can cause a table to behave this way, but a copy of the t
  12. Thanks for the debug tip. I'll tinker with that for awhile to see if I can discover what's going on. GFN function is as follows and GTN is similar: Let ( [ a = GetFieldName ( field ) ; b = Substitute ( a ; "::" ; ¶ ) ] ; Quote ( GetValue ( b ; 2 ) ) )
  13. Version is a number field. I created a basic table with a number field and tried the same logic on that and it does work like it should and as you say. Do you know why the first part of the where is false, but the second would be true? I've also tried passing it as a parameter with no luck.
  14. I have an ExecuteSQL statement that looks like this: ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT( " & GFN(WT::Version) &") FROM " & GTN(WT::Version) &" WHERE " & GFN(WT::Version) &" <> 2 or " & GFN(WT::Version) &" <> 2" ; ""; "") The output of which is: 1 3 4 5 If I remove the or statement it stops working and I get the ?. Anyone have any ideas why that is? Not Working Version: ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT( " & GFN(WT::Version) &") FROM " & GTN(WT::Version) &" WHERE " & GFN(WT::Version) &" <> 2 " ; ""; "")
  15. 1.8 We were getting the error for a day or two, but it seems to have gone away. There were lots of changes and updates going on with our system so it very well could have been a bug in our registering script.
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