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  1. Thanks, Wim! That's a great overview of the differences and similarities of the two forums. I'll try to be a good citizen of both.
  2. So sorry, Wim. I'm not sure about proper etiquette in the two different forums. I certainly want to do it right and fit in with the community. I'll use XPOST to flag any cross posting, but how about some advice? When is it more appropriate to use FileMaker's TechNet and when should I use FMforums? Are the two audiences different (one more technical, for example, or one more Filemaker Corporate focused)? I'd appreciate some guidance that would differentiate the two different venues.
  3. We have a client that maintains a fairly large data warehouse on Amazon's Redshift service. We're now being asked to build a FileMaker solution that will access that data. We have the FileMaker solution built (hosted on our own FileMaker Server 14 server) and we now need to access the data on Redshift. Does anyone have experience connecting via ODBC to Redshift? Is there any documentation on that yet? We feel like we're close, but the Amazon documentation doesn't know about FileMaker, and the FileMaker ODBC documentation doesn't specifically mention Redshift so we think we're just missing something. Advice on how to set up FileMaker to access Amazon Redshift via ODBC would be most appreciated.
  4. Just wondering if there are compatibility issues with any of the 360Works plugins in the newly released version of FileMaker Server 13.0v5? I'm not getting the extensions to load (I'm using Email, RemoteScripter, Scribe and the ever-faithful SuperContainer). I have some other issues I'm fighting, including a documented issues related to a license key that says it is in use on another machine (even though it is the same machine it is in use on -- see this post). Just trying to eliminate variables by making sure that my 360Works plugins on FMS 13.0v5 are not causing an issue. Thanks!
  5. This thread began on October 17. Now we're well into November. Do we have any idea when FileMaker Server 13 will be Yosemite compatible? I purchased a new MacMini for a new client system we're developing, and realize now I can't run the system on the new box until FMS 13 is Yosemite compatible. Just curious if we have a time frame yet.
  6. Duh. I'll answer my own question. The issue wasn't with the attachments -- it was with the body text. I had been using type "rtf" -- which doesn't support both text and attachments. Once I switched to type=html, I can now get both attachments and body text in the same message. Thanks -- and sorry to bother the community. Perhaps my stupidity will help someone else searching for a similar question.
  7. I'm currently using 1.963. I have the automated updater scripts that run and update my suite of 360Works plugins at every launch. Thanks for asking.
  8. I'm stumped by what would seem to be a simple problem. I have a script that has been sending composed e-mail successfully for months now. The e-mail send script gathers up the To Addresses, Header, and Body text, then sends the e-mail. Works fine. Now I've added the ability to include an attachment. The same script, with the attachment command (EmailAttachFile) added, works fine, except that the body text no longer is included in the e-mail -- just the attachment. If there is no attachment, the e-mail sends with the body text included. It seems I can't have both. I test for error condition after every Email command, and there are no errors thrown. I also have stepped through the script multiple times using Script Debugger, but don't see any issues. I'm using the following Email commands, in sequence: EmailConnectSMTP EmailCreate EmailSetHeader EmailAttachFile EmailSetBody EmailSend EmailDisconnect (Note: I've also tried reversing the order the EmailAttachFile and EmailSetBody commands, just in case that would help. No joy.) Any ideas?
  9. Hi Joe,  Now that I have the Error Capture commands set to true, I'm getting error messages as shown in the screen shot.  The error code is java.lang.illegalArgumentException: Null stream was passed to inputStreamAsBytes.  The plugins appear to be loading properly, but the error message is disconcerting my users.  Any thoughts?  Martin Ramsay CEATH Company  Â
  10. Thanks for this advice, Joe. I too had tried "on" and "1" but didn't think of trying "true" as the parameter to set the error capture on. My plan is to execute this new function as part of my initialization routine for all appropriate 360Works products that I use. That way I'll capture all errors and only have to do that once. Martin Ramsay CEATH Company
  11. I'll go ahead and answer my own question. After exploring further, it appears that one actually CAN'T overwrite a file that already exists using the ScribeDocSaveFile function. So I've solved the problem a different way. Each export gets a unique name (a concatenation of the user's ID and a serial number). The server hard drive will fill up with downloaded files after a while, but I'll just delete the old downloads and keep the more recent ones. This approach also lets me (using SuperContainer) list all the recent downloads a user has created, just in case they want to re-download something.
  12. Hi All, This should be a simple one ... I'm using 360Works Scribe to populate data into an Excel spreadsheet template. The solution is hosted in FM Pro Server using Instant Web Publishing. After the user has examined some dynamic data on the screen, they may download an Excel spreadsheet containing the data. To do this, I open an Excel file that serves as my template using ScriebeDocLoad. I then populate various fields into the spreadsheet using lots of ScribeDocWriteValue commands based on what the user is viewing, then save the file using the ScribeDocSaveFile function. I use SuperContainer to house the file and the FileMaker Open URL function to allow the user to download the Excel file. My problem is that the script works the first time download file is created, but fails every following attempt with an error in the ScribeDocSaveFile function. The error is "java.io.FileNotFoundExceptions: (my URL)/filename.xlsx (Permission Denied)". My suspicion is that permissions on the file do not allow the ScribeDocWriteValue function to overwrite a file that already exists. Yet the file was originally created by Scribe. If I delete the file that was created and run the script again, it works fine. Only when there is a file in place does it fail. Does the ScribeDocSaveFile function not allow an overwrite? If not, I don't see a file deletion function. I could use AppleScript to delete the file if IWP would support it. I may have to use 360Works RemoteScripter -- but I'm hoping this is something simple I can fix. Thanks.
  13. FileMaker only imports data from the source file based on the current found set. So make sure only those records you want to import are currently "found" before doing the import. Also note the import based on match function. By matching on product number and selecting the correct settings for the import, you won't create duplicate records in the inventory table.
  14. A quick and dirty way is to build two identical layouts, one in which the data entry is enabled, the other in which it is disabled. Then, using scripts triggers that fire based on the user's entry into the controlling field's contents, switch to the appropriate layout. Surely there is a better way to do this -- that's just my first thought early this morning. Perhaps someone smarter than me knows a better way.
  15. I've just started using 360Works Email plugin. It would seem to have every function you're looking for and more. I've just started using it myself, so haven't done a lot of work with it yet. But I can say that my experience with other 360Works plugins has been extremely satisfactory (I'm particularly enamored with the SuperContainer plugin). See http://360works.com/email-plugin/
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