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  1. Dear FileMakers, I am attempting to write a script to Ping an IP address, perhaps 10 times over, and to output an average response time in ms, and the packet loss as a %age to fields in my DB. In my searches, I found an AppleScript which can be called from within FM and give a response time within a dialogue, but no %age packet loss, in a dialogue: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3833490?start=0&tstart=0 And that is as far as I've got in quite a long time. Ideally, calling the script from within FM would trigger the ping test and output the time and packet loss to thei
  2. Thank you Comment, that is a very elegant solution and works perfectly.
  3. Dear FileMakers I have two data loggers, each outputting data to a CSV file, which then gets imported into two separate tables on my FM DB. One data logger creates a record each second, the other each minutes. So I can splice the seconds data together with the minutes data, I am trying to create a third table with time in minutes, which averages the data from the seconds table. So I'm trying to create a third table to average the output of the seconds table into minutes. Starting at the Average table, I need to get the value in the time field (say 12:20) and to then go to
  4. Ok - sorry, one more question I also have a date filter, enabling me to search between dates. The script I was using for that was: Set Field [Datefield; GlobalStartDate & "..." & GlobalEndDate] However, I can't make it work with the checkbox code Comment provided. Could someone explain how I should work it into the script, so I can search for multiple trains across selected dates? Thanks!
  5. That is perfect, exactly what I was looking for - the script works great! This is also extremely useful - I would not have known that. Thanks for your help, Ben
  6. Right - that's exactly what I'm trying to achieve - in the file I provided there is a global check box field, and a find button, set to perform the following script: Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [CheckBox::Train; CheckBox::Global Train] Perform Find [] The outcome of this is: Selecting Train 5 brings up results for 5 Selecting Train 6 brings up results for 6 Selecting 5 and 6 brings up results for 56 - when I'm looking for results from 5 or 6 Ben
  7. Ok, I know how to new find requests to provide the OR function, and I know how to find records. I've got those basics down now. I need to make the interface perform as the user would expect it to and minimise their learning curve - and I think they'll already understand the checkbox set to represent an OR search, without training them in find requests. Isn't that the purpose the checkbox is meant to serve? If not, what does it do?
  8. Hi Barbra, I work for a company providing internet access to high-speed rail. There are 25 trains in this particular fleet. Everyday the trains run their routes, and we collect lots of data from various sources regarding the performance of our systems. Right now I can search one train, across a date range, and see how it's performed over a period - which is very useful. But I can't search the whole fleet on one day. Or maybe take a look at a few trains of particular interest. For my own education, how would you input that search? For example, I know that 5...10 would searc
  9. I'm looking to be able to find multiples Thanks, Ben
  10. Thanks (again!) for the reply Lee, Regret that I don't understand how to hook that piece of code up to the checkbox. To be clear, the user should be able to search for x OR y OR z, with x y and z being defined via the 1>10 checkbox range. Am I missing something here? Ben
  11. Dear FileMakers, I'm trying to get a checkbox menu to work. Please see the example. There are 10 trains. When I select train 5, the find brings up train 5's data. Then, when I also select train 6, it finds train 56's data. There is no train 56 - I'm trying to bring up results for train 5 OR train 6. Seems it should be very simple, but it's had me going around in circles. If someone could the attached to work, and provide a explanation of how you did it I'd be so grateful! Ben CheckBox.zip
  12. Hi Lee, Doug, My fault for not being clear in my explanation and causing confusion - but Doug hit the nail right on the head. Thanks so much for going to the trouble of making that up for me. The user selects ok / not ok / not available. The field with the number is hidden, they just simply use the colours.
  13. Hi Lee, I think I may have confused the situation with my incorrect terminology. What I'm trying to achieve: On the first click of the button, the value in the field is 1 On the second click, the value in the field is 2 And so on... I'm not trying to make the button change shape as I hover over it. Thanks for your help. Ben
  14. Thanks Lee, very helpful. As a first poster, it's great to get a response from the man whose contributions to this forum have helped me so many times. Ben
  15. Dear FileMakers, I'm trying to create a single button with three different states, through which the user can toggle. I've completed the following tutorial: http://www.filemaker.com/11help/html/fmpa_tools.24.23.html ...and have the button with it's three different colours toggling nicely. Where I'm stuck is attaching a value to the different states. How do I get the button to output values (1, 2 and 3) into a field? Thanks in advance, Ben
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