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  1. I need to automate ope N URL to go to Firefox instead of safari. How can I do this ?
  2. How do i script going to a specific record number . I have a field with the record number i want to go to in it.
  3. I thank you for the info. I somehow had the assumption that I can use a portal to show a field from another table and to use it in a calculation. That is what I was trying to find out. In this case just go to the record of the see thru field.. Also the reason my font was bigger is because I was writing my post in word. Because a few times when I use safari to post -- I painstakingly get the whole thing written and then somehow the page changes to one of those awful pop up web pages that warns you you have to call a number immediately to save your data and it ruins my post. When I p
  4. Thanks Lee I followed those steps. It doesn't work. I checked the sound preferences and it is set for internal microphone When I double click on the container field it does nothing. When I scroll in the menu it allows me to select a sound from my files but nothing is letting me record in filemaker. Has this function gone away with new versions. Can anyone tell me if this still works in filemaker 13?
  5. Hello I have a file included here that has 2 layouts Consolidate records and Actual records I would like to make a button to randomize the records which are questions in the consolidate records layout. BUT i would like to use the WEIGHTED randomization from the second layout in the background called Actual records. If you try my example file you will see there are only 5 records and 5 questions in the consolidate records layout. By pressing the button background you will go to the layout Actual records. I f you keep pressing the random button you will easily see the ra
  6. I used to be able to click on a container field and record a sound. How can I do that now? It doesn't bring up the microphone?
  7. Update I tried to change the urls and it doesn't seem to work. Can someone else out there try to open a youtube video within their web viewer and see if it plays automatically on the iphone and on ipad.
  8. I don't think I am asking to center a web viewer but rather a youtube video within a web viewer. When I responded I thought you meant there was some way to insure the youtube video would be centered within a web viewer. That is what I am trying hard to accomplish.
  9. Hi I just opened a file I have and I created a web viewer that contains youtube video. When I opened the file on my iphone 4s It plays after I tap it and it becomes full screen When I open the file on my iPad It doesn't start automatically start and it doesn't play full screen Can't i modify the url to make this happen automatically on both somehow? Thanks
  10. that is correct but I have a situation where I have a great number of video urls and to create pages for all of them would be almost impossible. I am just trying to find a way to center the video in the web viewer without doing that. I just want the video centered. I know there must be away to do this. If you a saying I create the code for a page with the embed link in it without actually uploading a formal page that would be cool if I knew how to do that. I don't without help here. Thanks for your answer
  11. That sounds good but is there anyway to make it so no one can cheat on the date buy setting their internal clock forward for example. I just don't know these things. Someone might know here. Thanks for the answer!
  12. I have a supposedly simple thing I would like to do but I am afraid it is rather difficult Here Goes I have a button on which I would attach a script to allow the user of my file to open a page on the internet. BUT after they have opened it the following needs to happen 1. They can close it and open it again throughout the same calendar day. OR 1. They can try to open it again and a dialog comes up that says you can only do this once per day. I have a list of urls to go to but after they have gone to them they are erased from the database. The trick is using the same button to kn
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