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  1. Ok, I am getting an error, that I can't attach this type of file. SO I have uploaded to mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/?u9srhuuu7a5dczp
  2. The example above is almost what I am looking for. I have attached a stripped version of my database. I have created the "test field in both Products and Invoice Data. Made the relationship between the tables, but still I am doing something wrong. Thought it would be easier if I included file so everything can be seen.
  3. Ok, I went ahead and made the fields as described above. Getting closer. Now I can enter the Part Number and the Barcode appears but not the Name on the same line. Any ideas?
  4. Thank you for the link. I don't believe this is what I am looking for unfortunately. I should be able to enter "Name", "Part Number" or "Barcode" and get the record that it correlates to. Right now I am only able to get a record to load if I enter Name. The correct Barcode and part number appear once the name is entered. I want to be able to enter in any of the fields and have the record fully load and not just limited to "Name" Hope the deeper explanation helps.
  5. Can anyone instruct me on how to make different fields pull up a full record on the same table, for Example I have a table that list Name, Barcode, Computer Name. I would like the record to fully populate once I enter data into any single field, regardless if I enter in the Name, Barcode or Computer Name.
  6. Thank you I will do that in the future. I can include screenshots if this will help in the resolution, just not sure what anyone needs to troubleshoot.
  7. I am having trouble making two fields talk to one another. I am using the invoices sample form. When I press on the Item list, a drop down appears of all my products. When one is selected the Part Number field populates according to the product selected. My issue when I select the Part Number field and try to enter entry here it doesn't correlate to item field.
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