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  1. Thanks Webko and Doughemi for your help with this. I've now got it working. The final problem was that Genx's scripts do not include a call to the Filemaker API. To make the scripts work, you need to add the following line to login.php (can go after the comment on line 2) and secure.php (I put it immediately after the comment on line 8): require_once('FileMaker/FileMaker.php'); You need to correct the path to FileMaker.php according to your setup. It's taken me a few sessions to get this working, but meantime I've learned considerably more php than I knew at the beginning of the week. Once again, thanks everyone for the pointers. Steve
  2. Found a first syntax error, I think. Missing curly bracket at line 17 of login.php. I now get the login form on the screen. But the login routine still isn't working for me, so I suppose there are others. I suppose no-one out there has actually implemented this code by Genx and got it working? Tks, Steve
  3. Doubhemi Thanks for your patience. I think I get most of that; I believe my code is properly 'un-wrapped' so that the comments and others are all on one line... My understanding was that index.php is a typical protected page. It is redirected to secure.php via the require_once, but my reading is that then I should pass to login.php. If not logged in, I should see the login page. Then, if all goes well, ultimately return to index.php with the welcome message. If I try to load login.php directly, I also get a blank screen... I guess it must be a php syntax problem... Still looking! Steve
  4. Hi Doughemi I don't think index.php tries to load. When I try to open index.php, the url immediately switches to "http://myserver/login.php?error=You+must+be+authenticated+to+view+this+page." and gets stuck there. The screen goes blank (I don't see the login form). I'm supposing that the error "You must be authenticated..." is supposed to load on the page, not in the url? I copied the scripts posted above by Genx exactly. I don't have enough experience with php to be able to pick out any but the most obvious syntax errors. Does that help at all? Thanks, Steve
  5. Hi all I hope it's OK to revive this old thread. As a newcomer to the PHP API, I'm trying to authenticate web access using Filemaker privileges. I like the look of Genx's solution above, but can't get it to work for me. When I copy the php exactly (substituting my database name for the placeholder), going to index.php results in a blank page with the url "/login.php?error=You+must+be+authenticated+to+view+this+page.". The page source is completely blank. Is this some problem with the "header" function, which is used in secure.php and login.php? My php is rather limited and I'm not sure what the following line in secure.php is supposed to do: header("Location: login.php?error=".urlencode("You must be authenticated to view this page.")); My FMS + PHP API setup is working fine. I'm a relative beginner as regards php/html. More than 20 years of experience with Filemaker though... Has anyone used Genx's scripts above or something similar? Thanks, Steve
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