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  1. Even though this thread is old, I wanted to post an update. This is an issue with thumbnail generation. The library we are using is not equipped for very high resolution photos. Some customers may experience this issue with medium-to-high resolution photos as well. The majority of SuperContainer v2 users should not see this issue. You can set a resolution parameter of 140 or more in your SuperContainer URL that should force SuperContainer server to generate a thumbnail which does not contain the vertical lines. Please see our documentation on setting a custom resolution: http://d
  2. Hello, The Scribe plugin can read and write from an already existing PDF file, but it cannot create PDF files from scratch. So you could have a PDF file in a container field in the runtime, and Scribe could write data from FileMaker records to the PDF file. But it could never create a PDF file on its own.
  3. Hi Chris, There are 3 different options for installing SuperContainer: 1) run/install as a standalone app 2) install to FileMaker Server's Web Publishing Engine 3) install to a Tomcat server I believe you are referring to the second option above where you install SuperContainer to the WPE of FMS since you are asking about the IIS redirect rule. If that's the case, you want to install SuperContainer manually to the Worker machine where the WPE is running, and you will also create the IIS rule on the same machine. You can find all the details necessary for manual installation here: http:
  4. Can you confirm that you are using all IWP-compatible script steps? Are you using the SuperContainer Companion plugin in your scripts? If so, do you have it installed for use with IWP? I.e., do you have the plugin installed on the FMS machine in the correct directory and are sure that it is properly loaded? Even if the plugin is installed properly, there are still some restrictions that cannot be overcome in IWP. For example, the plugin cannot spawn a file chooser dialog with SCChooseFile. A rule in IWP is that plugins cannot spawn system dialogs like that. In general, it is recommend
  5. To use 360Works plugins with FileMaker Server 13 scheduled scripts, you must install the 64-bit plugin (on Windows, the plugin file will end in ".fmx64") to "FileMaker Server/Database Server/Extensions". In some environments, this can be counter-intuitive due to the presence of a "Database Server x64" folder, but you should ignore that folder when using plugins. There is further documentation on our wiki site here: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugins_101#Plug-in_Installation Please let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Yes, both Java 6 and Java 7 are compatible and can be installed alongside one another on Windows and OS X
  7. Hello, Yes the 360Works Email plugin is compatible with Windows Server 2008. If you experience any issues with installation, please post back here or email us at support@360works.com. Or you can check our documentation wiki here: http://docs.360works.com/
  8. Hi Dave, You would only need to put the registration information into a single web.xml file, and there should be a place for the information to go. Now that I know you are deployed using the installer on OS X with FMS11, I can tell you exactly which file you should modify: /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpe-tomcat/bin/SuperContainer/WEB-INF/web.xml The forums will eat up the exact formatting of the area where you should put the registration information, but I can try to describe it. You want to the put the license key within the param-value tags on the
  9. I spoke with Jake over a screen share, and we found that IIS was not responding to any URL Rewrite rules. SuperContainer loads fine if you use the actual port 16020 as does the XML '-dbnames' page, but neither of those requests work on port 80. I directed him to contact FileMaker to determine why updating to 13.0v2 would have affected how URL Rewrite rules work. I know the 13.0v2 FMS update installs Application Request Routing v3.0 for IIS, but the update has not affected other deployments of which I am aware. A possible solution might be to uninstall FMS, any IIS modules listed in the 'Pr
  10. Hi Dave, You can always email support@360works.com or call the toll-free number listed on our website for more direct communication. If the registration file is not being created, I would guess that you are correct about a permissions problem. The SuperContainer server runs as a different user depending on the method of deployment. How is SuperContainer server deployed? You can also set the registration in the web.xml file that SuperContainer uses to store default values. The file is located at "SuperContainer/WEB-INF/web.xml". This might be a better fix for your situation if you d
  11. Hello, Can you please give our office a call at (866) 662-9185 so that we can get together on a screen share to determine what might be the issue? It sounds like a non-standard issue, and I'd like to get this working for you as soon as possible.
  12. Hi David, The SCCopy function is specifically meant for copying files from one SuperContainer directory to another SuperContainer directory. It will not copy files outside of the SuperContainer folder. I realize the documentation for the function does not mention this, and I will have it changed shortly. The function you want is SCDownload. You can supply a destination folder for the downloaded file.
  13. FileMaker cannot find the Email function because the Email plugin is not installed. You must install the Email plugin before the plugin's functions can be used. Have you copied the Email plugin to the FileMaker Extensions folder? Please see our documentation here for instructions on getting the plugin installed and running: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugins_101#Getting_Started_with_Plug-Ins You can use FileMaker Preferences to ensure the plugin is installed afterwards. In Preferences, there is a Plug-Ins tab where the Email plugin will be listed and checked if it is installed
  14. Hi Jon, There is a way to have both 32 and 64-bit versions of Java running in OS X. All versions of Java 7 provided by Oracle for OS X are 64-bit, so you will need to install Java SE 6 (provided by Apple) in order to have a 32-bit version of Java. Here is a download link: http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1572 That same page will contain any updated versions of Java SE 6 that Apple releases, so check that page for updates when necessary.
  15. Hello, There is no method for retrieving a complete list of all emails sent using the 360Works Email plugin. But you can get a list of emails sent by a given email account by reading emails from the "Sent Messages" mailbox on the mail server. You can pass the name of the "Sent Messages" folder in your mailbox as a parameter to the EmailReadMessages function to retrieve emails from only that folder. Please see our plugin documentation here: http://static.360works.com/plugins/EMAILPLUG/documentation.html#EmailReadMessages You can also use the 360Works Email plugin to copy any email s
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