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  1. Please help the NEWBIE !! Ok, for some strange reason, I can't seem to do the easiest thing .... I have two fields: FieldA has 2% in it FieldB has 3% in it I want to simply show the Total of the Fields that are Calculating, at the moment it shows 5% I did this by creating a calc field that adds one from the other, but I need it to deduct it from 100% so it would look like 95% HELP !
  2. jbante, that worked! It's amazingly simple, thank you SOOOOOO much! another new feature that makes FM number 1 ! Thanks Again -sr
  3. So, I would just put the syntax like you have it in a Auto Entry Calculation on that date field? Like - If ( DayOfWeek ( $date ) = 1 ; $date + 1 ; /* Else */ $date ) and thats it? sounds to good to be true hahaha!!! Thank you I will give it a whirl.....
  4. Just wondering, for all you geniuses out there.... I have come across a spreadsheet conversion project to FM12 and in a formula on the spreadsheet they "Exclude Sundays" as a workday, So, if a job was scheduled (i.e. Calendar drop down) and it fell on a sunday, the script would "Bump it" a day, to never fall on a sundays..... hope that makes sense..... Is this easy to do with FM? Thanks -sr
  5. Like always, you guys are great! I hope someday I will understand this stuff, like all of you do Filemaker is absolutely the Best ! Thanks Again -sr
  6. Actually I'm needing all three Filters "On-Site" "Revision" "Complete" what would it look like?
  7. Ok, just wondering... If one would like to filter a portal with multiple "Strings" would one use a "If" or a "case" I am trying to Filter on 3 items and using the "Case" statement I'm only able to achieve 2....... Help ! Here's what I have so far Case( InspectionWork::Sample Complete="Complete";""; InspectionWork::Sample Complete="Revising" ) if I put a 3rd in like (On-Site) ...... it doesn't do its JOB !! why only 2?
  8. Wow, Ok....... so I'll admit I was a little tired and burnt to a crisp, So thank you everyone, for keeping my sanity Thanks Again -sr
  9. Ok, Im really lost..... I'm trying to understand why when I concatenate multiple fields into one single field using a calculation field, The field data on my layout doesn't show just a single line of text... Here's my Calculation Field: TextA &" "& B::TextB &" " & C::TextC and a REAL simple Related DB is Attached to review Thank You -sr Relationships.fmp12.zip
  10. How does one "Concatenate" multiple fields to a single field and have it display on a single line?

  11. Looking for a solution on a "DropDown" field that is Huge (5,000 records +) it seems that the "Type ahead" is not working in FMGO, but works fine in FM 12..... Is there a work around for this? or did I miss something? Please Help
  12. Did you successfully figure this out? I would like to utilize iMessage too in my design
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