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  1. I am trying to get a page count from a PDF file stored in a container field. ScribeDocLoad is successful. Next I'm attempting to use ScribeDocReadValue to get the PDFPageCount. The variable $LastPage is set to ScribeDocReadValue( "PDFPageCount" ) This parameter, or any other of the metadata values listed in the documentation, results in an error like "Reading values is not supported for the file PDFPageCount" The documentation reads like this: Am I fundamentally misunderstanding what this is supposed to do? The PDF file has no formal "fields." Its just a scanned PDF. D
  2. I'm having a problem with the EmailSetBody function when run on the server. I have a script that generates some report information into a text variable that will be the email body. The text is passed via parameter to a Send Mail script using Perform Script on Server. Eventually this will be a scheduled script that runs entirely on the server. The Email plugin is installed on both my Mac and the server. If I set the info generation script to simply Perform the Send Mail script, it works perfectly. If I set the info generation script to run the same Send Mail script via Perform Script on Server, the EmailSetBody portion returns ERROR. I broke up each part of the email generation sequence in Send Mail so it would exit and return any error at any step. EmailRegister, EmailConnectSMTP and EmailCreate all work fine and return 1. EmailSetBody always returns ERROR. I thought it might be something in the text I'm passing over, but it returns ERROR even if I simply hard code EmailSetBody( "This should be plain text" ; "plain" ). To make sure, I verified that the Email plugin can be accessed by the server scripts. I was able to call EmailVersion in a server side script and have it return 1.973. What am I missing here? Is there a difference or restriction between calling EmailSetBody locally and on the server?
  3. Hi Folks, I'm having a problem canceling a subscription. I've got a sandbox account set up on Authorize.net. My script in FileMaker registers the plugin first I've tried setting the gateway as both: CCSetGateway("Authorize.net") and CCSetGateway("Authorize.Net"; "url=https://apitest.authorize.net/soap/v1/Service.asmx") Test Mode is off: CCSetTestMode(0) I've verified that the Merchant Account, password and Subscription ID being passed are correct for my sandbox account and the Subscription. Then the script calls a variable: $Cancel = CCCancelSubscription( $MechantAccount; $MerchantPassword; Globals_and_Prefs::g_Cancel_Subscription_ID ) After executing, $Cancel gets no value, neither a 1 or ERROR. CCLastError comes up empty too. In the Authorize.net transaction report, the subscription stay as Active. Where have I gone wrong? D
  4. Something seems to have changed, maybe with just Authorize.net. I had some scripts working using the Authorize.net to make test payments. I'm still using the basic test account information included in the How To Use Plastic demo file. Sometime last week they stopped working. I tracked the problem to the CCV code. If I pass the CCV code along in the transaction, the transaction is declined. None of the other information passed along, such as name, invoice or email address, seems to make a difference. Â I went back to the How to Use Plastic demo file to see what I was doing wrong. The Advanced Transactions demo is not working anymore either. If I take out the CCV code in the demo, the transaction is approved. Does anyone know if some rules changed?
  5. It looks like there is no way to set the ReplyTo field. with EmailCreate. I have a similar need to send work orders from a central address but have the customer Reply To the actual project manager. That would be a cool new feature.
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