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  1. If I click the DB hosting and Next, then I can enter the 125 however the next screen says "Allow Filemaker server to host single user files" and not sure what this means or if I should check it to proceed. I hope that I don't mess it up worse, since I'm not sure of what I'm doing lol
  2. In FM server console for Windows 2000, I don't see these options available.
  3. I have a couple of errors on the server and I am new to Filemaker. Below are three errors that have reported in the event viewer, application logs. 1. File "Promissory Note.FP5" could not be opened: either allow FileMaker Server to host Single-User files or set the file to Multi-User in FileMaker Pro. 2. File "Receipts.fp5" could not be opened: maximum number of files already opened. 3. File "Credit Card Charges.FP5" could not be opened: a database with that name (or the same initial 31 characters) is already open; please rename one of the files. The only one that I could find information about was #3, and it was more than 1 file that I had to rename it was like 20. I just added a 1 to the end of the file name in the databaseBackup folder and those problems seemed to correct themselves (after I did a stop and start of the Filemaker Server service). Not sure on #1 and #2. Any advice on how to resolve these issues are greatly appreciated twells@uca.edu
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