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  1. Hi Guys, I installed the Zulu version 2.06 in Mac OSx El Capitan. The installation process does go through, but at the end it showed a dialogue of the Zulu is installed but the web server forwarding is not working and asked to redirect to a URL. And on clicking "ok". It directed to the page shown in the below screen shot. Please advise. If there is anything i am doing wrong.
  2. Its happening with one of the Client. He shared it's happens in random. Most of it happens during the certain time block during the day. I checked the crash logs, most of the crash did happen between 4-6 PM. Could this be some issue related to system performance issue or system slowdown ?
  3. The FMP 15 crashes randomly after every 2-3 days on windows systems. I have checked the issue for the fault module in event log (Fault Module Name: mshtml.dll) and some place i checked it was suggested to reinstall the application, which i have tried multiple times. But the crash still occurs. Is there any possible solutions to avoid it ? Does it have anything to with the application running a hosted filemaker files or is it a system issue ? Thanks for help in advance. Event Log Below for the crash: Description Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Fil
  4. Yes Its because the Filemaker 64 bit Windows doesn't work with outlook for sending emails via email client. Could this be the reason behind the crashes ? Please advise.
  5. Hi Guys, I am having some issues related to FM Pro crashing. One of the client who is on windows 8.1 the FM Pro 14v5 crashes unexpectedly almost everyday. They access the Filemaker files that are hosted in a Filemaker 14v4 Server hosted in Windows 2008 R2 system. This issue is happening on the windows system only. The client has 2 windows workstation and one workstation using a iMac. The Filemaker crash is happening only on the windows system. The iMac has never crashed. We tried increasing the RAM in server and the windows workstation systems, but it didn't help. O
  6. I hope some one must have come through this and have solved this type of issue. We are trying to provide public access to FM files in web direct using an external IP. But the External IP doesn't seem to work. While Checking the ports mappings of the system, and came through that the port 80 is been blocked by default web service. So is there any way to map the correct ports to filemaker so that we could be able to access the web direct files using an External IP without affecting the other web services using those ports ? Any suggestions....
  7. Thanks for the feedback. It helps.
  8. Â Â Hi, Â Â Need some suggestions and help regarding the Filemaker 11 files hosted in the FM11 server being get disconnected or communications with the host gets interrupted. Â Â Though it is obvious that the cause is network gets disconnected or inconsistent internet connection lead to these type of issues. Â Â But are there any more possible reasons that also lead to host interruption issue followed by host being disconnected. Â Â Attached screen shot. Â Â Â Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.Â
  9. Hi, For this search method, to search for specific subset sample across multiple tables, can use the Execute SQL statement. Here we can use the %LIKE% operator to get the values from the fields for the Subset of the samples. We can get the values from different tables for different samples using the separate Execute SQL statements and concatenate all the values into a single list of value.
  10. Yup, you need to have the file reference in the External Data sources referring to the server file using the hosted server IP path. Do you open all the files hosted in the server using open file script step in the "OPEN FILE" or the Launcher file what we can also call.?
  11. Oh, there is one for this. I haven't come up with that. But I still think there are some differences between the parameter passing and there are some variations in output. Like if user passes incorrect dates as parameter to the function then it returns "N". In the custom function i have created, there no need to format the date parameters through the Date functions, instead it can directly pass the date parameters as text with quotes. Although the WeekdaysinRange seems to be more preferable as it gives the dates for multiple week days passed in the parameters. So i will try
  12. I have been working on FM 12 solution. Whenever I try to perform find for an particular Order record, 2 records are found in the found set. Where one record in the found set is the original record been searched for and another record is an blank record where all the fields in the record contains "?". So thinking it as a corrupted record i deleted it. It changed the found count to 1. But deleting the record didn't affect the total record count. It is same as the before And after doing that, I again made the performed a find for the same order no. again 2 records in the found set app
  13. A function to finds all the dates for a week day within an given date range. For example: We need to find what are the dates for the Thursdays in the date range starting from 1/1/2013 to 1/31/2013. In this case: The function would be defined as FindDay ("1/1/2014";"1/31/2014";5) Here the start date and end date in the function parameters are text. Here the 5 refers to the number that represents Thursday in the week. Output: 1/2/2014 1/9/2014 1/16/2014 1/23/2014 1/30/2014 And for the invalid dates passed as the function parameters would return "N" that refers to NULL.
  14. In Comparison to the Filemaker value count function in compared to the Count, it is slightly slow. In case of using the ExecuteSQL Sum() function, it is really slow in compared to that using any custom function to sum down the values in a list.
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