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  1. Hi John, this was a compatibility issue in combination with Java 9 and is fixed since Groovy 2.4.6. You ran into it since Scriptmaster on OSX ships with Java 9 now... System.setProperty("groovy.json.faststringutils.disable", true) should work, but I have no way to test it, as I'm on Windows (Java 8 ) at the moment. For reference see: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/GROOVY-7716
  2. Hi, I currently have the problem that Filemaker and some 360Works plugins stay as a background process, after Filemaker was closed (ctrl+Q). The running Filemaker process, in turn, then prevent Filemaker from reopening. This only happens, when there is more than one of the 360Works plugins is loaded. The first one ("first" seems to be in alphabetical order) always closes properly but the rest stays. So for example: if I only use the Charts Plugin, then all processes close, as they should do. If I then add any other plugin like Scriptmaster, the Charts Plugin still closes on quit, but Scriptmaster and Filemaker keep running (Filemaker as a background process). I tested this with several Plugin combinations and it seems, that all Plugins are affected. For my tests, I did not open any database, only Filemaker itself. Is there any solution for this problem other than "open process manager and kill the processes" ? OS: Windows 8.1 Filemaker: (32-Bit) Used/Tested Plugins: Charts 2.09 Email 3.1 FTPeek 2.1 JDBC Plugin 2.09 Scriptmaster 5.1 SuperContainer 2.9512
  3. In Scriptmaster, click "Jar Libraries" (top of the window), then click "add" (top/right) and choose your jar library. All jar's placed there are available in the classpath, once Scriptmaster is loaded. This works cross platform and you don't need to set up the library on every single machine.
  4. Hi Will, thank you for the hint. With the newest version of FTPeek it worked like a charme (and I think it will do with the other plugins too). Regards, Patrick PS: Sorry for the late reply, much to do here....
  5. Hi, I need some more heap-space (espacially for Scriptmaster, but I think its a general problem of the plugins). I tried the method described here: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Heapspace_Out_of_Memory_Error but unfortunally it doesn't work. The heap stays on 96M. With a short look in the plugin-logfiles it seems to me, that the custom value is overwritten by the plugin: In this example, the JVM was created by FTPeek and with Scriptmaster it looks the same (tested this by disabling FTPeek). To me this looks like a general bug... does anybody know if there is a fix or a workaround??
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