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  1. I'm using the FileMaker JDBC driver to drive the data layer of a web application, and I'm noticing a periodic crash in the xdbc_listener process on the server. It doesn't seem to correlate to volume or load, and I can't seem to identify any other pattern in its occurrence. I'm seeing this message in the stderr log in the FileMaker Server Logs directory: fmxdbc_listener(259,0x7000061f0000) malloc: *** error for object 0x7fb036825a00: pointer being freed was not allocated *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug Using FileMaker 16.0.4
  2. Your existing users will continue to sync their old set of fields as if nothing happened. They won't see any error messages, but they won't send/receive any data in the new field. Just be sure you're not renaming or removing any of the schema, and the users won't know the difference.
  3. Hey Mike, It looks like you posted your topic on the "Site Instructions" board. You might have more exposure and therefore luck if you re-post this on the "Legacy FileMaker Platforms" board. Cheers!
  4. Hi Yuichiro, Do you have any error trapping set up after the registration script to see what error is being thrown? If not, add a line right after the registration step that sets a field with the SMLastError function (this is a standard function that is included with any plugin created by ScripotMaster Advanced). This will give you some idea about what is happening. Alternatively, let the plugin fail, then use this reference page to find the log locations on your system: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files Then e-mail the logs to us at support@360works.com. Be sur
  5. Hey sujanko, I believe error 959 means "technology is disabled" This would generally imply that simply enabling it would fix the problem; however, this isn't always the case. You should start by rebooting the server. If you still receive error 959, you should try re-deploying the server via the Admin Console. If that doesn't work, you may end up needing to completely uninstall and reinstall FileMaker Server. Unfortunately, I have not found a better way to solve this problem. Cheers!
  6. Hey Stewart, As far as I know, this is not a known issue, but I'd definitely like to check out the .xlsx files before and after the open/save as/overwrite/close operation. If there's some issue with the way Scribe is handling .xlsx files, that's something we should address here, as opposed to you writing an apple script to work around it. Send me a PM so we can open up some dialog on this specific case.
  7. Hey there mcspencer, This information is probably not going to be sufficient for us to determine the problem, we'll need to see the entire plugin log. You can submit a bug report to our support system in order to send us the entire log. You can send a bug report from the FileMaker Pro preferences panel. Click on the plug-ins tab, highlight Plastic 2, click the 'Configure' button, then click 'Report a bug' Once we take a look at the log, we should be able to help you find a solution. Cheers!
  8. Hi BrammersUK, It sounds like you're on the right track. The RemoteScripter plugin actually needs to be installed in both places -- the server AND the FMPro robot machine. The reason for this is because the plugin serves as both sides of the connection. It listens for triggers, and it also sends triggers. You will want to install the plugin into the web publishing engine so that you can trigger your script from WebDirect, and you want the plugin installed on your FMPro machine, constantly listening for a trigger from WD. Check out this link to get the proper plugin installation paths for WebD
  9. Hey Guys, 360Works chiming in! If you check out this subsection on the "Installing Zulu" page, you'll see instructions specifically catered toward updating to FileMaker Server 13. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Installing_Zulu#Upgrading_to_Server_13 Currently, the only officially supported method for installing Zulu on FMS 13 is the manual installation; however, I have been working on an installer that should be FMS13 compatible. It is currently in beta stage, but I hardly ever refuse beta test requests, so if you'd like to try out the new installer, please PM me.
  10. Hi John, This sounds like a rather frustrating issue. I would be more than happy to help you solve the problem; however, I believe the most efficient way to handle it would be for us to set up a screen sharing session. I will PM you with my contact details.
  11. Jeff, I'm not sure I understand entirely what the scenario is. This is what it sounds like to me, but please correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like you want to take all the data that has been added to the live production file while you've been working on the dev file, and move it over TO the dev file. Is that correct? The way MirrorSync works, if you add tables, fields, layouts, etc... MirrorSync will still continue to sync the tables, fields, layouts, etc that were originally configured to sync. Adding schema does not affect a current sync; however, renaming or removing fields will
  12. Daniel, Have you tried running the sync from FileMaker Pro on your desktop machine? I'd be interested to see if you receive the same errors there. Would it be possible for us to set up a screen share so I can take a look at your database and how it's configured? If you have a screen sharing app for your iPad, that would be great too so I can help you diagnose the issues if they aren't present in FileMaker Pro Give me a call tomorrow (Friday July 12, 2013) so we can move forward with the screen share and figure out what the problem is. You can find our phone number in my signature. Ch
  13. Martin, could you provide me with your external IP or hostname? If you'd rather not post it on a public forum, you may email me at will@360works.com, or you may email our support system at support@360works.com. Either way, I'll troubleshoot some more tomorrow. Cheers!
  14. Martin, Sorry to hear you're having trouble with MirrorSync. I have an idea for another test you can perform. From the machine you're having trouble with, open the browser and navigate to http://yourExternalHost.com/MirrorSync/sync You should see a message that indicates MirrorSync is running. Let me know what you find. Cheers,
  15. JF Fortier, This is completely doable with the Scribe plugin. I actually just tested it successfully. As long as you create the form in Acrobat Pro to be a fillable form, Adobe reader has no problem opening up and allowing you to edit a form that has been mostly filled out by scribe. Are you using the most recent version of acrobat reader? You will not be able to edit the schema of the form, you will only be able to fill out the fields defined in Acrobat Pro. I Hope that was helpful, and I hope I didn't misunderstand the problem. Cheers!
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