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  1. My solution is to assist in maintaining records in my computer repair business. It has customers, who have devices, which have service records. I sometimes buy devices from customers, or the device may be reallocated to, for example 'recycle' or 'parts'. I would like to be able to reassign the owner (via a dropdown) of a device, maintaining its service records but also keeping a log of previous owners and the dates of reassigning. For example Customer 1 owns Device 1 Customer 1 decides to sell Device 1 to my Company on 1/12/14 Company refurbishes Device 1 and sells it to Cust
  2. Did think of that, and I have implemented that kind of thing elsewhere, but the result I need in this instance is a flat piece of text. I wish i could explain better my reasons, but I cannot.
  3. Maybe I am trying to overcomplicate this The Work Completed can contain other text as well as the text from the checkbox set, for example Powered on Stopped Processes <<--checkbox entry Ran BM Ran EV Updates Batch <<--checkbox entry Did a bunch of other stuff Did a bunch more stuff If I can achieve this simply with another instance of the checkbox set in text format, great, but when it comes to creating the reports for printing (utilising merge fields as you suggest) how can I instruct FM to show the entries with additional text instead of the original checkbox s
  4. That works but I guess I wasn't clear enough. The Work Completed text field will require additional text as well and be printed to a separate report. I wish to be able to inject the text from the checkbox set into Work Completed field.
  5. I have three checkboxes (may add more later on) describing tasks performed on a regular basis Stopped Processes Ran EV Updates Batch Compressed I also have a Work Completed text field. I would like to check a box and have its text automatically entered into a new line in the Work Completed text field. Any help please?
  6. Thanks again comment. I have now realised that I need to learn more about 'nesting' as I am becoming more and more confused. I can see why the calculation you have provided works, but I cannot for the life of me see how to add the Substitute part which as you have explained would be infinitely useful. Can you recommend a tutorial somewhere that best explains the nesting procedure for a newbie like me?
  7. Thanks comment, I have this working now thanks to your advice. I have managed what I wanted to achieve using replace but am interested to know why you suggest using substitute instead of replace? Also the output that you are unclear on was caused because I was incorrectly using Upper (Self) & in front of the replace command to make the input all UPPERCASE. so it was changing the input text from lowercase to upper then due to the & was adding the hyphenated text to the end - very confusing, sorry. Here is the calculation I am using now Replace (Replace (Replace ( Replace
  8. I might be over simplifying this, but you could take a screen shot with FM open, then you an image editor to copy select the buttons, crop them and save them as files which you could then use in your layouts?
  9. I am inputting Windows Product Keys which contain 25 alphanumeric characters in blocks of 5 characters seperated by hypens " - " I wish to type the product key without the hypens and have a calculation on the field to add the hyphens every five characters For example I type 123AB456CD789EF012GH345IJ FM replaces the text with 123AB-456CD-789EF-012GH-345IJ I have seen this calculation for phone numbers, but does not work directly with the addition of letters Replace ( Replace ( Filter ( Self ; 1234567890 ) ; 7 ; 0 ; "-" ) ; 10 ; 0 ; "-" ) The output would be 123AB456CD789E
  10. I have a Customer who has many devices. Each device has many Services. I want to be able to display Services that are related to the owner of a device in a portal on my Customer layout so thay I do not have to go to my Device layout first. I am having a complete mind-block over this, I know it can be done, I am pretty sure that I covered it while learning to use FM but for the life of me I cannot implement it. Any help please?
  11. Thank you again LaRetta. I can see how your solution works where mine failed, and I can see it's magic as you say. Initially I had a little issue implementing your script "Set Field [ Devices::CustomerID ; $customerID ]" as I could not see where or how to enter the variable, but it all makes sense now. The next step though, and I think it is related enough to include in this same thread, is how do I reverse this so that once data entry is complete on the Device layout so that I can have a button to take me back to that customer layout? I am guessing that a scripted button will be nee
  12. Add New Record Button I have a portal on my Customer layout to display essential details of a customers Devices. Currently I can a new Device for a customer using the following method: Go to the last Portal Row Select a DevceType from a dropdown list (this creates a new record in the Devices table) I then click on a button (Edit) which takes me to the newly created record, now linked to the Customer table I then edit the Device record in full I would instead prefer to have a Add Device button: Click add device This creates a new record related to the customer from where I clicked
  13. Thanks LaRetta, I appreciate your input there and see your points are most valid. I am not much of a forum user and I guess I forget how they work sometimes! I shall follow the advice your and Lee have given and post questions in the proper manner.
  14. Lee Smith although I can see where you are coming from with your recommendation to post individual questions in specific areas of the boards, I do think that I am posting properly. My request is for assistance with the PROJECT and as such, I would find it to be of greater assistance to me if all information was kept in a single thread for ease of reference and also for anybody else should they be entertaining a similar project themselves. Baring this in mind, should you insist that I separate everything out into separate threads I shall.
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