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  1. +----- Code.fmp12e ------+ tables ... Users Doctors Lens Info Drugs Diagnosis Codes ... Equipment *** (Manufacturer, Model Number, Com Port, Speed, Bytes, Bits, ... Installed (yes/no). 1 record for each piece of equipment we support. ) ... +----------------------+ +----Exam.fmp12 --------+ tables ... Exam *** (Eye exam data for a patient. Multiple exams per patient) ... +----------------------+ I am working with an Medical Records / Office Management system for eye doctors, opt
  2. It is similar but on our system FM Server says webdirect is running. Application (From the FM 18.0.3 documentation) macOS: After a host machine was restarted, Apache web services (httpd) intermittently failed to start automatically. But, on our install I get the message that web services is running but it fails to open the website. Use the filemaker command line interface command fmsadmin to start web services and see if it is running. Does your server say it is? Thanks for the information.
  3. We have a Filemaker 17 Server set up and running on a mac mini (sorry, I can't get on right now to find out which OS it is running). We have set up everything so Web Direct can be used to access a web page for making appointments and filling out forms. We have several different versions running on several different servers (eye doctor's offices) but this one won't work. We have ... Set up web direct on the server, installed the certificate, gotten an external ip address, forwarded the ports, turned off all firewalls and it still doesn't seem to work. I have used fmsadmin to s
  4. Wim, It turns out that your solution was correct! The website I was interfacing with had stopped accepting requests from our userid. Does this imply that a field can't be used for the base 64 encoded key and used in place of the variable?
  5. Wim, Thanks for the tip. It didn't seem to solve the problem in the long run. It worked for awhile and then stopped, which seems weird.
  6. Hmm ... thanks for the input Wim. I went back and looked at my call to Insert from URL and now have the following code: Insert from URL [Select; With dialog:On; Trans::_temp field; "https://sandbox.services.apexedi.com/api/v3/claims/submit?vendorSiteID=<our id>,type=medical; cURL options:"--location --dump-header $curlHeader --show-error -o $curlOutput -X POST --header \"Authorization: Basic $apexBase64EncodedKey\" --header \"Content-Type: application/json\" --data & @$claimDataJSON" I no longer get the message "The request resource does not suport http method Get
  7. Thanks for the input! I will have to look at the existing table initially created for a specific API and see if I can make it work as a preferences / setting table. Currently, there is only one application using it. The other two have their data hard-coded and assigned to variables since they were written for specific customers and haven't been made widely available yet. I did this with knowing that at some point I was going to have to store the data in fields in a table. The software I write for has a somewhat interesting model. We have 150+ offices who have a version of our softwar
  8. Things that are required to interact with the 3rd party api. For example, the website url, and any information that doesn't change that would be required. I have a couple of items I can use as an example curl -o apexEdiOutput.txt -X POST https://sandbox.services.apexedi.com/api/V3/claims/submit?vendorSiteId=<vendorSiteId> --header "Authorization: Basic <base 64 encoded keyword>" --header "Content-Type: application/json" -d "@<path and filename of json>" https://rx7.drfirst.com/sso/portalServices?rcopia_portal_system_name=<vendorname>&rcopia_user_external
  9. I find myself writing more and more code to interface with 3rd party websites (databases) via RESTful type APIs and importing and exporting data using XML and JSON. It is a Filemaker application written for the health industry and contains patient information, medical records, insurance records and billing and accounting data. Before I continue further down this road I am wondering if anyone has any ideas regarding whether I should create a single table with one record for each 3rd party application or a single table for each 3rd party application. Or does it matter in the long run? I
  10. I am using FM 17 and am trying to submit some JSON to an 3rd party website to create and insurance claim. Below is the curl code I am able to run from the command line. I tried using Insert From Url to do the same thing and I am unable to get it to work. I get the following message back when I use Insert From Url: "Message": "The requested resource does not support http method 'GET'." I need both the information after the question mark on the url and the data after the -d tag. I think I read somewhere that if a ? and information is included after the url that Filemaker's implementati
  11. The database is pretty complex with many tables. I will try and explain in more detail. There is a patient table that contains lots of information about patients. There is a transaction table that contains all the transactions that are created in an office. There is a single record for each transaction. A transaction contains lots of data regarding a transaction and a link to line items for the transaction. Line Items are single charges that make up a transaction. So, every line item in a transaction is linked to the line items table by the invoice number. Line items could
  12. Thanks for making me think through this again. As I said before, database programming and thinking is new to me. I know my original question was about importing into the database use xml and xslts. I am working on electronic medical records and trying to update insurance claims with payment information. Claims payment information is what I am working on importing. Unfortunately, a payment can include claims from many patients and many different submission dates. I have determined the following: I will have to do two imports as the data being imported is in two different t
  13. This may be a naive question but why wouldn't I want to update records? Sorry, I am still pretty new at developing database code that deals with these type of issues. I have always updated records instead of creating new records. As I said above these questions may be naive but this is all new to me. I get all this conceptually but I don't know how to do it. Sorry, my background is not database programming. I am thinking of copying the patient id in the claims table to a temporary field in the line items table and then using patient id, date of service and procedure code
  14. Sorry Lee, I looked in the "Content I started" and the old post isn't there so I created this one. I'm still new at this. I didn't delete the post intentionally.
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