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  1. Filemaker natively supports ftps but not sftp. These are 2 different protocols. sftp uses SSH for the connection while ftps uses SSL connection.
  2. Fantastic! Thank you, Geoffrey. I understand about the VOID but my client is--unconventional.
  3. In order to modify a transaction, you have to provide the transaction ids and edit sequence. If my modification has more expense lines than the original, the documentation says that I just have to pass "-1" as the transaction line to add a new line. What if the QB version of the transaction originally had more expense lines than your modification. Is it possible (and how to) to delete the extra expense lines in a mod request?
  4. I am trying to do a basic Insert from URL call with some CURL headers added and I keep getting authentication errors. This is the curl command sent by the provider for me to use. curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'api_key: 1234567890abcdefg' 'https://mydomain.leaddocket.com/api/endpoint' This is the curl I am setting up -X GET \ --header 'Accept: application/json' \ --header 'api_key: 1234567890abcdefg' \ -trace $$curlTraceDump FM barks and says "Authentication Failed" but if I do this with the BaseElements plugin, it works just fine.
  5. I just spoke with Sarah from 360Works and while 360Works does have some issues to work out, she assured me that functionally MirrorSync will continue to function as expected even in iOS 7.
  6. In light of this announcement: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12074 How does this affect MirrorSync and other sync technologies?
  7. This looks simple and correct to me yet in this case, FM will not return the null value for a value A6 on the left. Here is the example SQL SELECT "sach"."AchievementNumber", COUNT("searned"."_scout") FROM "sach" LEFT OUTER JOIN "searned" ON "sach"."_id" = "searned"."_achievement" WHERE "searned"."_scout" = ? and "isRegularAchivement" = 1 GROUP BY "sach"."AchievementNumber" ORDER BY "sach"."AchievementNumber" I should get 12 rows every time, yet this is all I get: A1,6 A2,8 A3,3 A4,7 A5,10 A7,4 A8,2 A9,5 A10,3 A11,4 A12,5 if I run this SELECT DI
  8. Good call, Wim, but that will only delay the inevitable. Once I get the listing it's easy to confirm that the file being worked on exists (not as clean as the simple exists() )...but, I still need the SM functions to work when I need to zip and move that file into a Archive folder. @Claus - yes, see in my post. I have already confirmed that the plugin is registered and functioning. When you say limited access--please clarify. I know that I only have access to the Documents folder. Is it limited further than that? Am I unable to create new folders, move/rename files, etc in that Docum
  9. Hey Wim, These files are basic tab delimited data being retrieved from another system and placed in the Server Documents folder. In my solution I am keeping a list of these target files in a table to make it end user accessible if they need to add more files to the import process later on. The start of the script gets the list of these files intended to be imported and in a loop runs this import process. The first step in that process is to ask, "Does this file exist?" I am using the script that comes in the SM file, I just have it renamed as smFileExists, the groovy is new Fil
  10. HELP! I have put together an import script that uses ScriptMaster for a couple things like check for the existence of the fuel, create a folder, move it and zip it. When running this on the desktop, it works flawlessly, Now I need it to work from the server as a scheduled script. I can confirm that the plugin is indeed loading and loading all necessary scripts for the various functions, all ok. But the buck stops there. If I ask, does the files exist? I get back, NO. If I check from the data viewer on the desktop for a copy of the file in my documents folder--YES....on the sever docum
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