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  1. Here is a part of the old code that gets hung up. It gives the error "Data is being accessed by another user, script, or transaction" when it gets to "set adState" to cell "list State" of current record." tell application "FileMaker Pro" tell document "2015 Database" go to layout "Spec Ads" do script "Find all records" show (every record whose cell "Spec Ad Number" = docName) set adState to cell "List State" of current record if adState = "" then activate beep 2 display dialog "There is no Ad State for t
  2. I have more than two statuses. For this would I also make a summery field?
  3. There is a file number that links the one Master Record record to multiple Product records.
  4. It was origionaly set up as a field in the master record because we would change the status manually. Nope, that didn't work either.
  5. Nope. I tried putting that in The Auto-Enter/Calculated Value and the Validation/Validated by calculation fields with nothing happening.
  6. Here is my problem. I have two layouts that are linked together, Master Records and Products. I use a value list to display the status of the Master Record and Products (In work, Proofer, Final) I want the status of the master record to reflect the status of multiple products. So if product records 1,2,and 3 have a status of "in work", the master status is "in work". I want to make it so the status of the record in the Master Records on lt goes to "Final" if all the products statuses are "Final". If one of the products is "In Work" and the other two are "Final" the Master Reco
  7. I'm trying to set up a new tracking database within our current database. Currently I am setting up a new script to pull info from one layout and to create a new record in another layout. Here is theh script so far. Copy [select; ADS::ITEM NUMBER] Go to Layout ["Tracking" (TRACKING)] New Record/Request Paste [select; TRACKING::ITEM Number] Insert Current Time [select; TRACKING::Time out] Set Field {Activity::User Name; Get ( AccountName )] Go to Layout [Origional Layout] I am tyring to insert another field that pulls it's info from a Value List in "ADS" and just records w
  8. It is just a field in the Filemaker database. I am updating a few applescripts and they all seem to be erroring out on the QuarkXPress Tell.
  9. I copied a filemaker database "Data 13" and renamed it "Data 14" with all of it's scripts and layouts. I needed to change the name of the database in the script to "Data 14". Here is the script: tell application "FileMaker Pro" tell document "Data 14" set spotPath to cell "SPT_PTH" of current record end tell end tell tell application "QuarkXPress" set spotPath to spotPath as alias activate open spotPath use doc prefs yes end tell Now I keep getting this error: "Expected end of line, etc. but found identifier." on the word "use" in the script when I h
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