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    New Templates

    Hey.... Maybe this is a beaten topic....perhaps? While FM templates are amazing....does anyone know where to get free templates off the beaten path? I am a designer.....just looking for fresh ideas honestly. I want to see some cool layouts. Not the programing but the user interface. Every database can use a little refresher, visually. Thanks Mike
  2. I am not sure what you mean, honestly. From what I gather, I can not simply just move the folder into a new location, such as a drop box folder. Lets be clear here. I am on Filemaker Server 17 and on a mac... there is a specific area to in the settings to type in the location for back ups should I decide to change the location. But what do I know? I am honestly not that savvy with stuff like this which is why I am here. Had I gone with a PC server, Id have needed outside help, but a being mac...I changed a few simple IP settings and Boom...I have a filemaker server that can be seen in China. Just saying...so I believe that FMS17 will not allow me to move the folder itself to a drop box folder. FM should address this. Update...after a full day, Sync did work as expected in my particular situation. Was an easy solution actually. And I feel a little dumb, because I have regular backups with Time Machine as well....so I would never really lose data. I do appreciate the input...and if there is something I am missing...lets hear it! Thanks!! And I am so appreciative if this community and how quickly great minds help the smaller minds. (me) Thanks for everyone's input!
  3. This looks like a good read....Much Appreciated, THANKS! In the interim...I am using the Sync App...which I just literally discovered on the Mac side. It is syncing my database backup folder to a folder in drop box.
  4. Hmmmm. Scratching my head. So FMS17 just won't allow me to do this period?
  5. Hi...so I have FMS17 up and running on a new mac mini. So far so good!! I am having a tiny issue changing the back up folder location. Current Default Path: filemac:/Macintosh HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/ So....I am trying to make the path a folder in Drop Box. Now, if I use terminal to get an exact location of an item inside my drop box location, I get this: ool-6038c0a5:~ fm_serveer$ /Users/fm_serveer/Dropbox/\ FILEMAKER\ BACKUPS Getting info on the folder Produces this result: Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨fm_serveer⁩ ▸ ⁨Dropbox⁩ I have tried lots of combinations with no success. Any help would be super appreciated. Thanks a million! Mike
  6. Thank you for your response. I heavily considered both options, and have decided to go with a Mac. - The Operating System is Certified by FM - My IT guy is moving far away, and I would require support/install for PC based server, where as a Mac, we would not - $1000 Mac mini vs. / $1600-2000 PC Server - And if we consider its just data with maybe 5 users internally and occasionally a few customers logging in from time to time with a quick data update. I am confident we do not need all the bells and whistles "Windows Server 2016" offers. I do appreciate your response. Mike
  7. Hey.... Currently running FMS15 on a dell optiplex from 2015. No real issues to speak of. I want to upgrade to FMS17. Was thinking of switching to a Mac Server, wanted to know your thoughts. I do hit my server now from the outside and plan to use more heavily with images, uploading to my server into image containers, etc. Why switch...for one, my shop is primarily graphics and Mac based and we are just better all around with Macs. I realize there are probably better hardware configurations getting a new PC. Thanks! Mike
  8. WOW! THANK YOU!!! I knew something like that was probably the answer. Unfortunately I do not script FM everyday to remember all this stuff. I am most appreciative and your solution makes perfect sense! THANKS AGAIN!!!
  9. Hi... I am probably missing one silly little simple thing, or maybe there is a better way to get from point A to point B. Very simple script to clear a field. I added "Show Custom Dialogue" step in the script in hopes to stop the script dead in its tracks if I you hit the "cancel" button, but the script still continues even though the check mark to commit is not checked. Thoughts appreciated. I attached a simple database to show you what I mean because, after all, we all love to download filemaker uploads that have problems and fix them. Thanks in advance, you all rock! Mike Dialogue.fmp12
  10. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, this is a one time event.
  11. Yup! Find and Replace.... pretty simple. Felt dumb for asking, but like I said...I was brain dead and forgot that was available.
  12. Specifically need to change the salesman in a particular field. It has always been a pull down menu, but some co-workers decided to manually enter the name through the years. This has been fixed and it can no longer be manually edited in a form, pull down option only for consistency. So... a salesmen named "William" is also named "Bill" throughout 100's of records. I want to make them all "William." Why is this important? Easier to find all "William's" customers for reporting than have to search in both names. Scripting purposes and so fourth. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hey... I know the answer to this is super easy, feeling brain dead, but I think I have done this before ages ago and just forgot how. How do I find and replace a text value in a record in all found sets? Obviously, I am look to do this in all records instantly, not one at a time. : ) Thanks, Mike
  14. WOW! You just made that make sense to me! I can't thank you enough!
  15. I can not thank you enough!! While I am here though, I am trying to understand the code. I do not do this everyday like you might, but I have done some powerful programs with filmmaker. Mostly, I am trying to understand what the ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1 ) What that means in this calculation at the end here.
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