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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, this is a one time event.
  2. Yup! Find and Replace.... pretty simple. Felt dumb for asking, but like I said...I was brain dead and forgot that was available.
  3. Specifically need to change the salesman in a particular field. It has always been a pull down menu, but some co-workers decided to manually enter the name through the years. This has been fixed and it can no longer be manually edited in a form, pull down option only for consistency. So... a salesmen named "William" is also named "Bill" throughout 100's of records. I want to make them all "William." Why is this important? Easier to find all "William's" customers for reporting than have to search in both names. Scripting purposes and so fourth. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey... I know the answer to this is super easy, feeling brain dead, but I think I have done this before ages ago and just forgot how. How do I find and replace a text value in a record in all found sets? Obviously, I am look to do this in all records instantly, not one at a time. : ) Thanks, Mike
  5. WOW! You just made that make sense to me! I can't thank you enough!
  6. I can not thank you enough!! While I am here though, I am trying to understand the code. I do not do this everyday like you might, but I have done some powerful programs with filmmaker. Mostly, I am trying to understand what the ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1 ) What that means in this calculation at the end here.
  7. So the left works perfect... right is now "Can not find field?" I changed all "Full name" to "supplied name" SMH.... I quit filemaker and restarted. YOUR CALCULATION WORKS! OMG THANKS!!!! THIS DOES WORK PERFECTLY!! No idea why it didn't;t work the first time. But I quit the app... walked away, came back and it worked.
  8. Give me 5 minutes... will post my file. Due to sensitivity, need to remove actual address and I will shorten the list. : )
  9. Thanks for the fast response.... Ok... the left works well! The right is not working. It does not recognize "LENGTH" and I get an error in my calculation. Not sure what value to place there.
  10. First, I am sorry that this is most definitely a repeated topic and probably pretty common, however, I could not find it in this forum or on the internet and had to post the question. I am stuck with a mailing list that has 13,000 names set up with "Last Name, First Name," which obviously needs to become First Name (Space) Last name with no comma. This name field contains all of the headaches associated with people's names. Examples as follows: Smith, Bob Smith Jr., Bob Smith-Wesson Jr., Bob Smith Wesson IV, Bob Peter The good news, is that the list is solid with the respect that the there is only ONE comma. I need to simply reverse this order and delete the comma. Thank you in advance! This is a wonderful community and I wracked my brains on this now for too long and need your help! Mike
  11. Ah....obviously the easiest way is to remove the last 20,000 etc. or the first 20,000. The database is over the course of 20 or so town in a county in NJ. Doing so would a remove an entire town from the list. So we wanted to randomize the removal.
  12. Thanks for the reply. As I stated, this is just for a mailing. They have 60K+ addresses, only have a budget to mail 40K postcards. They had asked me to remove random addresses to get to 40,000, but I figured FM can do this automatically. It is just a list of given to me with name, address, city, stat and zip in excel. Plan to pull into filemaker and randomly extract 40,000. Thank you for your fast feedback. Looking at this later today.
  13. Hey... I have a database with 60,000 plus names and addresses. I need to mail to 40,000 exactly. I can do this manually...but I was wondering if there was a way to have FM extract 40,00 exact addresses randomly. Thanks in advance. Mike
  14. Thanks for these articles and pointing me I. the right direction! I didn't;t get to read them entirely yet, but I will over the weekend. Thanks Again!
  15. If I have a job ticket or work order in my shop. Can a barcode be printed on it.... when scanned, it could trigger a scrip. Basic Work Flow: Job is in Room A, when they are done, it goes to room B. They scan the job bag... filemaker now knows the job is in Room B. Similar to that of say FedEx. FedEx picks up and they scan the package. When they bring it back to base, it gets scanned. When out goes on the plane it gets scanned and so fourth. Or something simple like.... Scan barcode on Job Ticket and filemaker jumps to that project on screen.
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