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  1. Have you looked at these guys? I ran across their site a few weeks back and was impressed. Your request and their description on this page http://www.theindustryedge.com/features/ made me seem like it could be a match.
  2. What if you set those as calculations using the let statement like this? Name_First = Let ( trigger = fullname ; related_SQL_table::First_Name ) Name_Last = Let ( trigger = fullname ; related_SQL_table::Last_Name ) When "fullname" changes, the Let statement gets "triggered."
  3. FMP 13 - Web Direct - Improperly displaying list layout with sub-summary parts (public link for this doc) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIbF13RSlaW230-NlYicGZxHB3FsYvQt-U0fFL9uwEU/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1 I am having a problem with Filemaker Pro 13’s Web Direct handling of a simple list layout with sub-summaries. The sub summaries, when added, seem to be cutting off the first (or last*) row of detail in the body. * If the sub-summary is above the body it cuts off the first row. * If the sub-summary is trailing the body, it cuts off the last row of detail. (this example includes 5 records which should be grouped into three groups (by ID number). Hopefully these diagrams help: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIbF13RSlaW230-NlYicGZxHB3FsYvQt-U0fFL9uwEU/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1 I also attached a PDF version of these diagrams. FMP13-WebDirect-Improperlydisplayinglistlayoutwithsub-summaryparts.pdf
  4. I'm using FMP 11 Advanced: I have a a report using a list layout in which a sub-summary part displays donations for each individual. Donations fall into different giving categories (High, Medium, Low -- for easy discussion). If there are 50 overall gifts for this year, I'd like to tally how many "High," how many "Medium," and how many "Low," gifts there are. I am setting a High, Medium or Low flag for each gift. If ( GIFT = "1-99" ; 1; "0" ) NOTE: I can NOT store or index this field because it references a summary field / unstored / calc field… Now I want to tally up those Flags, but they unstirred, so I'm not sure how to do that in the report / "on the fly." I made a self-join relationship which I had hoped would "find" all the records which have that flag (High, Medium, Low) and then I could create a field to tally the number of records in the category by using get(found count). It doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks
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