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  1. How to place the layout in the middle of the screen ?
  2. army2002

    Print to PDF

    Thanks you all for help.. appreciate it
  3. army2002

    Print to PDF

    Raybaudi .. many thanks.. thant's good idea But is there away print the layout without opening it.. printing in the background.
  4. army2002

    Print to PDF

    How to print a layout excluding the footer. i.e. just want to print the body to a PDF.
  5. Yes, that's correct, I close it through x-icon How can I open the layout through new window?
  6. I did but it didnt work...once I close the layout it the solution get closed too.. I want it to go back to main menu layout once I close that layout
  7. I have solution with many layouts, including Main Menu layout, Data Entry Layout, Repots Printing Layout How can I make the solution to go back to Main Menu after closing Data Entry or Reports Printing Layout.
  8. I want to put number (in serial) like 1, 2, 3, 4 .. etc for each row in the report. Anyone can help.
  9. Poject compiled by FIleMaker 12 Pro Advance on a Windows 7 not working on Windows XP? Is there a solution for this problem?
  10. The summary field in a portal does not update automatically when values in field changes. I have to double click on the filed to update ... what's wong I'm doing?
  11. A filed with Numeric format designated to store amount cash dividends paid in currency format. This field, however, for sometime is empty if there was no dividends was paid. But keeping the field empty might be misleading for the user. I decided to replace the empty value with "No Dividends for This Year". Becuase the field is in currency format I can't show the text in it. Is there a way to make the field shows a text if the value is empty without afecting the numeric values for other years that table.
  12. Thanks Lee Can you show me how to use script to create new records?
  13. I have a portal with 5 fields in the row 1. Why the FileMaker adds a new empty portal row immediately after I enter a value in the first field in the row. How can I make it adding new row after entering the value in the lasat field in the row? 2. Is there away to hide portal row with empty field?
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