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  1. Hi there, I have these two tables, Projects and Clients, which are related. Now, I want to be able to see client info such as ClientPhone, ClientFax and ClientEmail in my Projects layout (bottom part in grey) when I select that specific client (ClientName) from a value list that gets its values from the ClientName field in the Clients Table. Don't know how to do that. Can anyone help? I am attaching the DB. Thanks. NR Test.fmp12
  2. Thanks for your reply EOS. I get the first part of your explanation. As for the second part, I think that you went a step further by explaining how to show the activities associated to an estimate on my layout #1. My first problem is that I can't make my Estimate portal on layout #1 work correctly. This portal includes the fields EstimateID, CreationDate, LastModified and TotalCost. Here is what I want to be able to do: I want to be able to create an estimate from this Estimate portal in my Projects table; then click on it (row button) and go to the Activities layout and start creating activities for that particular estimate. The estimate total amount (Summary Field TotalCost) should then appear in the portal in my layout #1. Also, once an estimate is created, I want to be able to click on that estimate in my layout #1 portal, go to Activities and see only those activities (records) related to that Estimate. Probably I should upload something so that you can see for yourself. Let me know if this works better. I'd appreciate it if you could give me a hand on this. Thanks again. NR
  3. Hi everyone, I have a database with the following tables: Table 1: Projects (ProjectID, EstimateID, Description, ProjResp) Table 2: Estimates (Project ID, EstimateID, ActivityID, CreationDate, LastModified, TotalCost) Table 3: Activities (EstimateID, ActivityID, ActDescription, ActResponsible, ActCost, Spent, Balance) The way I have my layouts designed, I have a layout #1 (main menu) where you input/view the info for every each project (from table 1 - Projects), but it also has a portal that shows the estimates (from table 2 - Estimates) that have been done for that very same project. Then I have another layout (from table 3 - Activities) with the activities and all activity related data. I know that each project can have many estimates, and each estimate can have many activities. I just don't know how to make it work. I have also created a button in the portal rows (from Estimates) in Layout #1 to be able to go ONLY to the activities that are part of a specific estimate, but I just can't make it work. Can somebody shed some light? NR
  4. Steven: The answer to your questions is yes, but now I realize that there is a firewall. Perhaps that's the reason why I can't have remote access unless the firewall settings are modified. Does this make sense? NR
  5. Hello everyone, I have a database (FM Pro 12) I want to access remotely via FM Server. I watched an online video posted by Wim Decorte on Youtube and followed all the steps, but for some reason I can't open it from my iPad. Like in the video, I was able to open the file in the same computer remotely but not from the iPad. In order to access the database from the iPad, I opened FM Go, tapped on Add Host and typed the IP address that I got in the server. All I get is file not found. Can somebody help. I am sure I am missing something here. Thanks. NR
  6. Wow... it works great! Thank you so much Mr. Vodka. Regarding the use of the Cartesian (X) operator, in reality I have a few global fields in my Main Menu table, and now this ValueCount field. I don't know if that makes a difference. Please let me know. Thanks again for your help. Appreciated. NR
  7. Here it is. You can see that there is a calculation field in Activities named Open_Activity_Count that adds all the activities that are open, and a summary field named Open_Activity_Sum that gives you the total number of open activities. I want to have a field in the Main Menu table showing the total number of open activities next t the Go To Activity button but don't know how to do it. I was able to make it work with a calculation field which equals Open_Activity_Sum but doesn't work right. NR Activities&Tasks.zip
  8. activityID and the other activity fields are not in LineItems but in the Activities table. LineItems allows me to input info about tasks that make up each activity. Therefore, I cannot SUM activities in LineItems. If a specific activity is finished (meaning all its tasks are completed), my ActivityStatus field changes from Open to Finished. This status field under Activities is the one I need to work with in order to determine the number of activities that are still open. I guess I will try to upload a sample file to better explain myself. Thanks. NR
  9. Hello everyone, I have three related tables: Main Menu, Activities and Line Items. In my Activities table I have some fields to describe each activity and a portal (from Line Items) to input the different tasks under each activity. Once ALL the tasks for a particular activity are completed (Line Items::Task Status), the field "Activity Status" in my Activities table changes from "Open" to "Finished" (calculation field). I also have a calculation field that assigns 1 to each open activity and 0 to each finished activity, and a summary field that adds all the 1 and 0 to determine the number of open activities at a given point. I have created a calculation field in my Main Menu which has the value of that summary field in Activities but unless I refresh the screen after every change in Activities, it just doesn't work. I have read that unstored calculation fields based on related summary fields are a problem, and that all this should be scripted, but I don't know how to do that. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, NR
  10. Understood but that is precisely my problem: I don't know how to import the selected products.
  11. Wim: Table #1 is "Orders" and Table #2 is "Products". When I create a new order in Table #1, I select a client (no problem with that part) and then select the products this client is ordering in the portal (Line Items). There are hundreds of products and sometimes a client orders products from different categories in the same order. I don't want to manually select each product because it would be very time consuming. The best choice (I think) is to perform a Find in "Products" based on the client's request and "transport" the found set to the portal in Table #1. I don't have a problem with bringing to my portal all the products that are under a specific category. I was able to do that. My problem is when a client requests 3 out of 10 products from one category and 2 out of 12 products from another category and 6 out of 100 products from another category, etc. I have hundreds of categories and the process can be really tedious.
  12. I have two related tables. Table #1 has a portal (from Line Items Table) that I use to show records from Table #2. Now, if I go to Table #2, I want to be able to perform a Find with certain parameters and send the found set of records to my portal in Table #1 by clicking a button. I don't know how to write this script. I hope I make more sense now. Thank you. NR
  13. Hello. I have been able to export selected records to a portal in a related table before by including a specific Find criteria in a script, but now I'm trying to create a script that allows me to export a set of records selected after performing a Find with a specific criteria (search criteria NOT in script) to a portal in a related table and it is not working. Can somebody shed some light? Thanks. NR
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