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  1. In addition to Full Disk permission to fmserver_helperd, make sure "fmserver" user have Read & Write permission for entire path. Volume name, any top level folders and Backups folder. And also make sure path starts with "filemac:/" and ends with a "/"
  2. When the calculation updated file is opened in Excel, still the calculations are not evaluated. I have to click into the cell and press Enter key to fire the calculations. Is there any way to fire it when the file is opened in Excel? On Excel Preferences-> Calculations-> Automatic is selected. Excel for Mac version: 16.26 Scribe version: 3.1
  3. Hello, When a new field is added in the development version and it is indexed, after data migration from previous file using DMT, index of that field may not work. Relationship and Finds are not working on that new field. We have to re-index that field to make it work. Got this issue in the initial version and still persists in the latest version Greg Lane from Skeleton Key already reported this issue in community forum. https://community.filemaker.com/message/788726 Anyone faced this issue?
  4. Hello Agnes, Thanks for your reply. There is no port conflict. Network utility says port 5003 is used by fmpro-internal. Moreover, we could access the FMS DBs when "All" ports are opened in ESET. I have attached the screenshots of the ports that working and not working.
  5. Hi, We have ESET Endpoint Security on the FileMaker Server 16 machine (Single machine deployment). When ESET Firewall is active with default settings, We couldn't access FileMaker databases from FileMaker Pro using external network (WAN). We opened the ports 5003, 16001, 80 and 443. Still no success. If we completely disable Firewall, or If we open "All" ports, we could access the databases. Please someone direct us how to open only FileMaker Server specific ports on ESET Firewall.
  6. Thanks for your replies Lee and Dave. I will get a list of incompatible script steps using Lee's tip and check them in FMPerception using Dave's trick. It will be a nice feature, If there is an indication whether scripts having any incompatible script steps for different compatibility Mac, Windows, Server, IOS, Custom Web Publishing and Web Direct. Just a suggestion for future updates.
  7. Is there any way to get the list of scripts that having webdirect incompatible script steps in FMPerception? It will be helpful when converting the existing FMP layout/scripts to webdirect.
  8. Figured the issue. Old versions of plugins were causing it. Updated all the plugins of 360 works, Baseelements and MBS to latest version fixed the issue.
  9. After the latest update, Inspector is not working properly on two checkboxes. I see it on Browse and Snap to Grid check boxes. When I click on the checkbox, it won't refresh immediately. I have to switch to other tab and get back. Then only it refreshes. If I continuously click few times, entire Inspector window becomes empty. Sometimes few clicks and sometimes many clicks. Then I have to restart the FileMaker to get back the Inspector. Another issue happened on 16.0.1 itself was position values are not updating dynamically when I move the objects either by mouse or arrow keys. I have to click outside the object and click again to know the new position. On V15 and before, it was dynamically updating. I tried both in-app update and complete re-install. Issue persists.
  10. Hello, I am getting an error while sync, "Last sync failed: com.prosc.sync.AbortException: Failure while recording changes from FileMaker Server java.sql.SQLException: IO error: position 13016373" Is it possible to skip this one particular table in MirrorSync sync to test the other tables?
  11. I could setup zulu to sync FilMaker with Google Calendar. It creates a new calendar in google. How to sync an existing google calendar with a FileMaker event table?
  12. Make sure "ID Clients" field at Job_details table is loaded using a popup menu or drop down list. Create a look up from amount field to Client Billing Rate field of client table. See the screen shots. Â
  13. Thank you Doughemi. This is the result what i wanted. I thought, there is a way to get this result without creating additional field (Vendor_ID) in PO_Lines. Thank you for your efforts.
  14. Doughemi, Thank you for your quick reply. But i do not get expected result. Please look at the attached DB. Circular_Test_Re.zip In the PO layout, As per your graph i get either Item_Id filtered or Vendor_id filtered. If i use Vendor_Item in the portal, it filters only Item_ID. If i use Vendor_Item2 in the porta,l it filters only Vendor_ID I need to filter both Vendor_ID (from PO table) and Item_ID (from PO_Lines table) in Vendor Items portal.. Please help.
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