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  1. I need to import a large amount of data from excel spread sheets into FM19. Is there a way to create a custom import order of field so it will be easy to match the source fields with the target fields. ( I know there is an "arrange by" -custom order) option but that is not a fast enough way The excel spread sheet (source fields) will not be in the same order as the Filemaker File (Target Fields) I often spend a lot of time matching up the source field and the target field and I am looking for a more time efficient way
  2. I am using Filemaker Server 18 on Windows Server 2012 R2 Been using it for years with no issues Currently when I log in to the console it is very sluggish. When I get to the Dashboard it shows No databases, then it auto refreshes and the database list appears. Within 15 seconds of scrolling the database list to open files the screen refreshes. This situations is happening over and over in a loop. Any Thoughts on what is causing this issue?
  3. Thank you for your assistance with the scripting. It was very helpful
  4. I am back to the barcode database question. I added a field called "Barcode" and a field called "Barcode Calculation" I need the value that you are creating in the child table record to go into the barcode field so that I can change the Barcode Calculation field to a Barcode font. Right now it is showing up as a 0 I have attached the DB you sent me with my additions. can you tell me what I have to fix to make this work. GenerateSeries.fmp12
  5. Thank you for your help. It looks like it will work. One other question. In filemaker after data is entered is there a way to lock the data so it cant be modified by the user. For example the data entry department enters the data But you don't want the sales staff to be able to alter what they entered
  6. Thanks for helping me with this Your idea works But I need each value it creates to be a separate record. Can you assist me with that?
  7. Once generated I will create a barcode field from the gererated number which i can print out. I need to create unique barcodes for products
  8. I need to create a unique barcode for each record. can you give your suggestions as to how to accomplish this. Please dumb it down as I am new to Filemaker. I know how to make tables
  9. I am a beginner in Filemaker using Filemaker 18 and I need a script to increment a number by 1. I have 3 fields. Start Number End Number New Number I want to enter a number in the start field "50" I want to enter a number in the end field "100" I need the script to create a new record each time filling in the "New Number" field starting at 50 and ending with 100 Please dumb down the answer as much as possible because I am not at all familiar with scripting. Thanks in advance for the help
  10. I have created a database to track inventory in filemaker 7. Can anyone assist me in a way to create a history file of an item being checked in and checked out. I would like to email the file I created so it can be examined. Please provide an email address if you are interested in assisting me,
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